A Mexico Insurance Online Policy for Scottsdale Travelers – Three Short-Distance Destinations

Mexico Insurance Online Policy
Weekends in Mexico

Three Short-Distance Destinations with a  Mexico Insurance Online Policy for Arizona Travelers

While you may not need a winter getaway from Scottsdale, a change of scenery could be enjoyable. Mexico offers a lot of desert scenery as well, but you don’t have to travel far to reach beautiful beaches, an excellent change from the desert atmosphere. A Mexico insurance online policy for Scottsdale, Arizona travelers is important for a driving getaway, and you can handle this need online. Skip the border points by selecting Mexican auto insurance for Scottsdale travelers on the Internet so that you can deal with this important detail before you leave home. In addition to enjoying convenience, you’ll be able to benefit from important comparisons as you research Mexican insurance for Scottsdale travelers online. It’s now required that you purchase coverage and have a Mexico insurance online policy physically on you when you travel on highways and freeways in Mexico.

Short-Distance Travel  from Scottsdale, Arizona with a Mexico Insurance Online Policy

There are three major beach communities to consider if you want to maximize your beach time and minimize your driving. You only need to drive four hours to reach Rocky Point, the closest Mexican beach community to Scottsdale. One hour of the drive is in Mexico on Mexican Highway 8. It may be tempting to forego Mexican auto insurance for Scottsdale travelers on such a short trip, but serious accidents have occurred on this route in the past, and coverage is required by the law in Mexico. Rocky Point is a tourist area, providing lots of resorts and activities that will interest travelers of all ages.

San Felipe is a thriving retirement community, populated with many expatriates from the U.S. and Canada. The 6.5-hour trip includes a little more than two hours of driving time in Baja California Norte after you take I-8 west from Arizona to El Centro, CA. You may enjoy looking for campgrounds or vacation properties in this area, especially if you would like to visit more frequently. With so many English-speaking residents, you should be able to manage easily in the area.

Ensenada is a beautiful city that provides you with the amenities of a tourist town while retaining much of its local flair. Traveling I-8 from Arizona to the Tecate border crossing in California, you will spend approximately two hours driving in Mexico on Mexican Highway 3 to reach the area. Your Mexico Insurance Online Policy for Arizona Travelers is especially important in Baja Norte because all motorists are required by law to have liability coverage.

Don’t Forget Mexican insurance for Scottsdale Travelers

It’s easy to put your Mexican auto insurance for Scottsdale travelers on a list of things to do at the border, but it’s also easy to forget as you focus on the sights and activities. Online selection of coverage allows you to handle these details early so you don’t forget at the border.

Any Mexico Insurance Online Policy from MexicanInsuranceStore.com comes with Free Legal and Roadside Assistance.

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  • Shanice Blanding
    May 11, 2014 4:58 pm

    Residents living in Scottsdale can visit Mexico very comfortably; they’re just one click away from getting themselves insured by Mexican Insurance Store, providing them accurate coordinates and coverage to scenic spots for holiday stay.

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