Understanding Car Insurance in Mexico: Coverage, Costs, and Considerations

Car insurance in Mexico works differently than in the U.S. It is mandatory for all drivers in Mexico to have auto liability insurance from a Mexican insurer. U.S. auto insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico.

Driving without valid insurance can lead to serious consequences including hefty fines, criminal charges, or even jail time if involved in an accident.

Mexican Car Insurance
Buying Car Insurance for Mexico Online Is Simple


Mexican car insurance policies offer various coverages, including:

  1. Bodily injury liability: Covers medical expenses for others if you are at fault in an accident.

  2. Property damage liability: Pays for damages you cause to others’ property.

  3. Uninsured motorist protection: Covers damages caused by an uninsured driver.

  4. Medical payments: Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers if injured in an accident.

  5. Legal assistance: Covers legal representation, bail, and other associated expenses after an accident.

  6. Travel assistance: Includes services like towing, tire changes, and battery jump-starts.

  7. Collision damage: Covers damage to your vehicle from a collision.

  8. Theft protection: Covers partial or full theft of your vehicle.

  9. Gap coverage: Pays the difference between the value of a totaled car and what is still owed on a car loan or lease.

Many insurance companies offer add-ons for more comprehensive coverage, including medical evacuation and roadside assistance. Full coverage policies often include all these extensions and no-fault coverage for incidents involving uninsured drivers.

It’s crucial to be aware of the exclusions in each policy, as there are certain circumstances under which the policy may not be valid.

The cost of car insurance in Mexico depends on various factors, including coverage, the geographical area where the car is registered, the vehicle type, model, brand and age, of the driver.

On average, the yearly cost for a car worth about $15,000 can range between $250 and $400, with $200 typically covering third-party liability only insurance.

Buying Car Insurance in Mexico Online

It’s recommended to purchase car insurance online ahead of your trip. While last-minute options are available near the border, they tend to be more expensive and time-consuming. You can get car insurance in Mexico directly from online providers.

For rental cars, insurance is also necessary and can be purchased at the rental agency. However, it’s often more cost-effective to buy this insurance from specialty insurers rather than from the rental agency.

In case of an accident, it’s essential to report it to your insurance company while still in Mexico, as failing to do so can result in your claim not being honored.

Additionally, it’s advisable not to leave the scene, disturb it, or make any agreements about fault. Speak with your insurance adjuster first​​​​​​.

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