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We Keep It Simple. Find the best rates on quality Mexican auto insurance in one easy click! Save time, money, and frustration by comparing 7 top Mexico insurance rates. Unlike many policies sold by agencies in your local community or at the border, the news is that our insurers are top ranked (A+ and A) by the worlds foremost independent credit rating guides for the best overall stability and ability to pay claims.

We make online shopping Safe, Secure and Easy. You can print your policy INSTANTLY! We save you money, because our fees are 44% - 69% less than policies sold at the border and online and we pass the savings on to you.

How do we do it? By not charging you extra for the best and most Comprehensive Platinum Travel Assistance Services in the industry. In particular, customers rave about our GUARANTEED 30 Minute Roadside And Claims Assistance Services covering all highways in Mexico!

Mexican Insurance Store offers the lowest deductibles in the industry. Depending on the program you choose and the value of your vehicle, "fixed deductibles" come at NO Additional Charge, unlike many of our competitors.

NEWS: If you cant take your trip for any reason, we will cheerfully Refund 100% of your premium Guaranteed! Just send us an email requesting cancellation before your policy begins. It's just one more way that Mexican Insurance Store outshines the competition and helps keep your vacation money where it belongs - in your pocket!

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We offer comprehensive, top rated and affordable A and A+ rated Mexican auto insurance policies for US and Canadian tavelers. Review and compare 8 of the best Mexican auto insurance rate quotes to save time, frustration, and money! We have written thousands of top rated policies in the Canadian, Rocky Point, San Diego, Tuscon, and Baja California communities!
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