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Mexican Insurance Store Frequently Asked Questions

    This guide is designed to help you learn more about the legal process, as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions. It also includes helpful information on how to protect yourself and your family during this difficult time.

  1. Why should I buy my policy from you?
  2. What makes your Internet driven policies better than paper-generated policies?
  3. Is it safe to buy a policy through this website?
  4. How do I get a copy of my policy if I order it online?
  5. What documents will I recieve When I purchase a Mexico insurance policy?
  6. What should I do if I get into a car accident while in Mexico?
  7. Whats the difference between fixed deductibles and variable deductibles?
  8. Why is it important to have Mexico insurance liability coverage when driving in Mexico?
  9. Whats included in a Full Coverage policy?
  10. I've heard about Mexico Insurance legal aid and bail bond coverage, but don't really know what it is. Can you explain it to me?
  11. Is it OK to cover a Mexico plated vehicle?
  12. Why is Mexico insurance law so different from that of the U.S. or Canada?
  13. What kinds of things do I need to produce in the event of an accident in Mexico?
  14. Is my coverage good anywhere in Mexico?
  15. How Much Does A Mexico Insurance Policy Cost - People Also Ask?
  16. Why isn't it a good idea to buy a policy in Mexico?
  17. Were going to have two drivers or registered owners during our Mexican vacation. How will our policy be handled?
  18. How much liability coverage do I need?
  19. Can I insure for-hire vehicles, like limousines?
  20. What other important things should I know about Mexico Insurance?
  21. I have a question about towing RVs, motor homes, ATVs, cars or similar items. Can you help?
  22. Can I buy a Mexico insurance policy for my rental car?
  23. What if I am involved in an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  24. What happens if my car is stolen while I am in Mexico?
  25. What if my vehicle is impounded?
  26. What if I have a claim?
  27. Am I allowed to drive someone elses car into Mexico?
  28. Will my vehicle be covered if I take it off road?
  29. Will your policy protect the items that are in my vehicle?
  30. Am I covered if an uninsured driver hits me in Mexico?
  31. I've noticed that some coverage is included when I pay on toll roads. Why do I need coverage, then?
  32. Are your claims paid in U.S. dollars

Mexican car insurance policy

How Does Our Mexico Insurance Compare to the Competition?

A: When it comes to Mexico insurance, you have plenty of options at your disposal. By comparing our online Store to the competition, it's easy to see why so many people choose to buy their policies from us. Don't just take our word for it, though - compare each of the following categories, point by point, to see what we mean.

We sell thousands of policies every year from the U.S. and Canada and we have for years. In fact we are the largest provider of Mexico insurance in California's Inland Empire, the 3rd most populous metropolitan area in California.

2. We have more than 34 years of experience in providing specialized transportation services for both commercial and personal use and by choice we sell nothing but Mexico Car insurance. There are many inexperienced providers out there who are actually sub-agent middlemen adding nothing but extra fees and an extra layer of unnecessary and confusing communication to each Mexico insurance transaction.

3. We offer live Mexico insurance company help via phone 7 days a week, while most other Mexican car insurance providers are closed Saturday and Sunday.

4. Our license numbers (California License # OC24601 and National Producer License # 2663714) and our address (Southern California, North of San Diego) are clearly listed on every page of our site; other websites hide theirs away; some even sell from inside Mexico.

5. Our best Mexico insurance policies include medical assistance, trip continuation coverage, roadside assistance, land and air ambulance coverage and legal assistance and bail bond; many other providers don't offer these perks. Carefully review and compare our rates and save! The reason why our premium is often lower than that of other providers - for the exact same policies issued by the exact same Mexico insurance carriers - is that we provide the best Platinum Travel Assistance Services in the industry at no additional charge!

6. We provide Mexican insurance policies with claims that can be settled in U.S. dollars; we also have policies that include legal assistance including the lowest deductibles in the Mexico insurance company industry. Each CHUBB policy can be settled within the US or Canada. You save time, money and frustration because its handled just like a domestic auto insurane claim. You won't get those same benefits with many other providers.


We are a member of - and have an A+ rating with - the Los Angeles Chapter of the Better Business Bureau; many others cannot make that claim.

8. Security is first and foremost with us - we offer secure online purchasing and our site is monitored for security each day. Security goes on the back burner with many other providers.


Our Mexican insurance company policies provide sufficient financial strength, liability insurance limits and legal assistance and is still available at very competitive rates.

Other providers sell you short with unrated policies that often pays them higher commissions. With Mexican Insurance Store you come first, always!
10. We sell Mexican auto insurance from only highly-reputable U.S.-based car insurance companies with worldwide presence. You can never be quite sure just what you're getting when you buy from the competition.

11. We offer topnotch flexibility; our customers come first. We have a prominently displayed refund policy and we allow our customers to cancel or change their policies in the event of emergencies. With other providers, you could be left high and dry.

12. Claims processing through Mexican Insurance Store is a snap. You can check your claim's status toll-free from the U.S. or Canada and our fully licensed customer service reps can help you with your claim. You might be on your own with the competition.

13. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to customer needs. If you buy liability insurance from us and have questions, call or email us. Someone will respond to your inquiry right away. When you buy a policy from one of our competitors, you could wait forever for a simple answer. Why risk it?

14. Every employee is well-versed in the ins and outs of our insurer programs. When you buy a Mexico auto insurance policy elsewhere, you could be dealing with an unskilled newbie staff who will be unable to answer your questions.

15. Each and every member of our staff is highly trained in all aspects of Mexico tourist auto insurance and Mexican travel. Therefore, we don't just provide first-rate car insurance for Mexico - we're also your one-stop Mexican travel information shop. No other company comes close to offering the eye-opening and up-to-date travel info that we do.

When it comes to Mexican car insurance, it is clear: Our online store wins on every point that counts. The best coverage is important - don't take it lightly. Buy yours from us today.

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