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Riverside, Temecula Policies for your vehicle  

Riverside CA,Temecula, San Diego,Rocky Point,Tuscon

Partial theft and vandalism to your vehicle.
On All Platinum "Full Coverage" Policies
Fixed Collision Deductible
$500 FIXED collision deductible
Fixed Theft Deductible
$1,000 FIXED theft deductible
Repair Your Vehicle in the US, Canada Or Mexico?
YES. Many Mexican auto insurance online policies allow repair in Mexico only, or they give you a low $38.00 per hour labor rate, forcing repair in Mexico
Third Party Liability Limits
$300,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for damages the authorities deem you have caused to others
Medical Payments - Driver And Occupants
$10,000 per person/$50,000 per accident, $25,000 per person/$125,000 per accident if hit by uninsured motorist.
Medical Payments - Collision with an Uninsured Motorist
Up To $25,000 per person/$125,000 per accident
Physical Damage - Collision with Uninsured Motorist
No Deductible Taken If Damage More Than Deductible.
Physical Damage to your vehicle (Collision)
On All Full Coverage Mexico Car Insurance Policies
Total or Partial Theft
Legal Assistance and Bail Bond
Covered On all Mexican Car Insurance Policies Up To Liability Limit
NEWS: CHUBB Provides The Only Roadside Assistance and Claims Service Guarantee In The Industry!
Fast And Professional Mexican Insurance Policies with Claims Service Guarantee!
Roadside Assistance
Chubb Platinum Assist
Increase Cost of repair
Autos, Motorcycles, Pickups, SUVS, RV - Motor Homes, US Auto Rentals
OK to Repair Your In US, Canada Or Mexico?

CHUBB Auto Insurance Company Financial Strength. Count on it!

Highest Global Ratings across the board for financial strength and claims paying ability (As of 2022)

A++ for financial stability: A.M. Best
AA for financial strength: Standard and Poor's
AA for insurer strength: Fitch

When it comes to the best Mexican auto insurance, you can't do better than CHUBB Platinum Policies! Learn more.

  • Partial Theft and Vandalism - With Platinum, you will have protection in the event that parts are stolen from your vehicle. You will also be covered if your vehicle is vandalized.
  • Fixed Deductibles - Fixed deductibles are the best and they are easier to understand. With Platinum policies, you will enjoy a fixed $500 collision deductible and a fixed $1,000 theft deductible.
  • Third-Party Liability Limits - You will receive some of the highest and most comprehensive third-party liability limits in the industry when you opt for Platinum. Our best Mexican insurance has either $300,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 in limits, so you’ll have little worry about being left holding a huge bill.
  • Medical Payments Guide - Platinum policies include medical payments for you and up to 4 occupants of your vehicle. You can travel around Mexico secure in the knowledge that Emergency Hospital bills and Doctor Bills are covered up to your Medical Payments limit.
  • Medical Payments for Collisions with Uninsured Motorists - As long as the other driver has coverage, their policy will cover your medical payments. Uninsured motorists pose a problem, but not when you have Platinum coverage. Each policy includes a significant boost in medical payments up to $25,000 per person/$125,000 per accident for accidents that involve uninsured motorists.
  • Physical Damage to Vehicle for Collisions with Motorists - Similarly, the other driver's coverage is supposed to coverage physical damage to your vehicle, if they are found to be at fault. If the person is uninsured, you will be glad you have the best. This type of full coverage policy will covers damages to your vehicle regardless of who is at fault.
  • Total or Partial Theft of Your Vehicle - When you opt for a full-coverage Platinum policy, you will be covered in the event of the total or partial theft of your vehicle. Most Mexican auto insurance policies only cover total theft of a vehicle, so this is a very nice perk.
  • Legal Assistance and Bail Bond Coverage - If you are found to be at fault or are arrested, your policy will provide you with legal assistance and community information. It will also cover bail, so you don't have to be stuck behind bars for long periods of time.
  • Claim Service Guarantee - CHUBB is backed up by guaranteed claims service. If you need to file a claim, you will have the professional help you need.
  • Roadside Assistance - You will enjoy the perks of having Premium Assist, which provides top-quality roadside assistance feature. In fact it's the only Guaranteed Roadside assistance in the industry. If you break down in Mexico, help is a phone call away GUARANTEED!
  • Car Rental - You'll never be stranded when you have the best Mexican Insurance. Your policy will cover car rental when your vehicle is not drivable or being repaired after an accident.
  • Repairs can be made in the U.S., Canada or Mexico - You have options when you have CHUBB. Repairs can be handled right in Mexico or back home in the U.S. or Canada; the choice is up to you.
  • There you have it! You can't go wrong with top quality protection from CHUBB Platinum.

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