CHUBB Mexican Auto Insurance
Fast and Professional Claims Handling Services Guaranteed!

Highway and Toll Road Services:

Once you have requested assistance to this phone number 01 800 223 8687, CHUBB Mexican car insurance policies guarantee that help will arrive in 30 minutes or a follow-up call will be made to the insured every 30 minutes until assistance has arrived*. If they fail to comply, CHUBB will pay the insured US $50 or its equivalent.

Mexican car insurance policy

Roadside Assistance With Every Mexican Auto Insurance Guaranteed Policy

Secondary Roads: Once you have requested services, the company guarantees that assistance will be provided within a maximum of 90 minutes for each Mexican car insurance policy*.

If CHUBB fails to comply, they will reimburse the policyholder US $50 or its equivalent in pesos.
The guarantee applies if CHUBB fails to notify the policyholder upon recieving a call for help that there is a contingency that could delay assistance arrival.

The guarantee does not apply if your car, truck, or RV weighs more than 3 tons or if you car, truck or other vehicle is older than 15 years of age. If the Insured has any legal proceeding pending, the policy guarantees the policyholder a notice of progress and/or status of his process by means of a telephone call or e-mail, once a week for each policyholder.

If the provider fails to comply, they are obligated to reimburse the insured US $50 or its equivalent.
Medical Payments Assistance

Bilingual Service (Spanish - English) to you by qualified physicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for each Mexican insurance policy holder.
When you purchase Mexican car insurance the company guarantees Telephone Medical Assistance to you until arrival of the ambulance, when life of the Insured or any of its occupants is in danger.
CHUBB auto coverage will guarantee that all providers of the ambulance service shall be qualified and comply with any requirements set forth by the Ministry of Health for each policy.

Legal Assistance at Large

CHUBB guarantees a network of lawyers throughout The Republic with each purchased car insurance for Mexico certificate.

Legal Services:

The insurer guarantees you on the first interview with your appointed lawyer, that he/she will deliver written instructions or a brochure with useful guidelines. If the insurer fails to comply, they will reimburse the insured US $50 or its equivalent.

Telephone Helpline

Guaranteed bilingual service (Spanish - English) to the Insured, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with each policy.


Once the insurer has received completed documentation from you, including full contact data, e-mail address, and bank account number for reimbursement, they guarantee the payment of reimbursements within 10 business days with each policy after you buy protection.