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El Golfo de Santa Clara, the Gulf of Santa Clara, is a great destination for residents of both California and Arizona. It’s especially convenient for those who live in Calexico or Yuma, providing access to beautiful white sand beaches and gorgeous waters. Get your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store policy or your Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance before you head out. Mexico car insurance online makes it easy to find the right coverage as you prepare to travel.

From Calexico

If you are traveling from Calexico, the drive is only 100 miles. You will end up spending a little under three hours on the road, and it may be tempting to travel without a Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance However, even a small accident can lead to big trouble. Don’t neglect the selection of Mexico car insurance online coverage before you cross the border. You will cross the border into Mexicali, following Mexican Highway 5 south, taking the BC 4 east, and continuing south on the SON 4. The coastal highway continues on toward Rocky Point if you decide to explore further. However, El Golfo de Santa Clara provides you with a beautiful and laid back experience.

From Yuma

The drive from Yuma is slightly shorter, approximately 90 miles. Before you cross the border, be sure to have your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store ready to go. You can purchase and print your Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance from home, cutting time from your trip by alleviating the need to stop at a border booth for coverage. A third of your drive will be on US 95. After you cross the border at San Luis Río Colorado, you will take SON 3 to El Golfo de Santa Clara.

Remember to buy Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store!

You will appreciate the fact that development of tourist attractions is underway in the area, especially if you enjoy comfortable accommodations during your travels. For those who enjoy seaside camping, the area provides lots of options as well. The area isn’t as extensively developed as Rocky Point at this time, and it’s a great alternative for those who don’t long for excessive tourist activity but prefer to enjoy a relaxed getaway. Your Mexico car insurance online can be selected for long-term needs. You can also opt for a shorter length of Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store.

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind!

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store
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