As you prepare for your trip, you may wonder whether you should opt for liability or full coverage when you buy Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. In some instances, liability coverage is your only option in Mexican insurance for Canadians, but full coverage is available in most cases. Full coverage car insurance is a wise investment when available due to the financial implications of a totaled or stolen car.

Mexican auto insurance for Canadians


When liability-only Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians Is the Best Option

The value of your vehicle will determine whether full-coverage Mexican insurance for Canadians is available. If a vehicle is valued at less than USD 3,000, it is ineligible for full coverage. In this case, liability coverage is appropriate for your travel.

Why Full-Coverage Mexican Car Insurance for Canadians Is a Better Choice

Insurance of any kind guards against certain risks, and the actual circumstances may or may not occur. For example, although the risk of an accident or vehicle theft may be minimal, the inconvenience and expense caused by such incidents could be extensive. Therefore, it is essential to compare the benefits with the costs as you evaluate different options in Mexican car insurance for Canadians.


The pricing for full coverage is typically higher than liability coverage, but the difference is not generally significant. The details will vary based on the policy period and the value of your vehicle. Basic coverage is required by Mexican law. Expanding your coverage may enable you to deal with a totaled or stolen car without experiencing unexpected, burdensome costs.

Partial Theft and Vandalism

Full-coverage Mexican auto insurance for Canadians does not automatically include protection against partial theft or vandalism. You need to select an expanded policy to deal with these issues. However, these may be more common than total vehicle theft, making it well worth your while to evaluate this option. If you travel in areas known for such activity, it is your interest to carry such coverage.

You can compare the pricing and benefits of each of these options online.  Then determine whether the costs warrant the extra coverage options. It would be best if you also considered the inconvenience that you would face in a worst-case scenario.

Mexican Auto Insurance Online, Does It Cover Partial Theft?



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