Mexican Auto Insurance Online, Does It Cover Partial Theft?

In most cases, Mexican car insurance protects you in the event that your car is stolen while you are down in Mexico. If someone takes off with your vehicle, you should be able to recoup most of its value through the claims process as long as you purchase full coverage. Although its highly unlikely that anything like this will happen, it is definitely reassuring to know that such protection is available. Some people assume that Mexican auto insurance online or purchased at the border will protect them if something is take from their vehicles. That is generally not true at all. There are a few different ways to get around this issue, for example, full coverage Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store you can learn more about them below.

Travel Lightly

Because Mexican liability insurance does not cover partial theft  it is in your best interests to understand thay contents inside your vehicle are usually covered by your Homeowners policcy. While it may be tempting to bring along all of your high tech gadgets for your trip, the truth is that it invites more trouble than its worth. If you must bring along expensive things like laptops, MP3 players and other devices, dont ever leave them lying in your car. Nothing is more tempting to a thief than an easy to snatch item sitting in a car. Locking the doors wont do a whole lot of good, either.

Look into Homeowners Insurance

Usually your existing homeowners insurance policy will protect you if something is stolen from your car. Many times, however, you will only be protected after you pay your deductible. Its sometimes possible to buy extra coverage that will protect you while you are on vacation. If you are especially worried about this issue, give your insurance company a call and ask them what your options are. Do not assume that your Mexican insurance policy will save the day, because it probably wont.

Be Practical

Nine times out of ten, the people whose cars are robbed down in Mexico are the ones who carelessly leave pricey items laying in them unattended. As you rush around during your visit, get into the habit of looking over your car before you leave it parked anywhere. Its easy to forget about something until its too late. Dont fall into the trap of just covering things up with blankets, either. Experienced thieves know all of these tricks and could still take off with expensive items. Be smart and practical and your visit should go off without a hitch. Mexican auto insurance online, does it cover partial theft?

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