Before you head across the border, there are some important details to research about your trip. Your Mexican auto insurance coverage is especially important if you will be driving. You should also take time to study exchange rates and gasoline prices. While your costs may vary as you move into different parts of Mexico, your need for a Mexican insurance policy by Mexican Insurance Store is consistent. For information about the most comprehensive Mexican auto insurance coverage, click here.

Mexican auto insurance coverage

Exchange Rates

Getting across the border with enough money for your trip might be tricky. Getting enough Mexican auto insurance coverage is much easier. Your policy can be paid for in U.S. dollars online, eliminating your need to figure things out at a border stand. As you cross the border, you’ll encounter casetas de cobro, exchange booths. However, most Mexican stores and businesses accept dollars. You really don’t need to exchange your cash right away. You should expect to receive pesos as change when you make a purchase with dollars.

Rates can vary greatly over time, and the exchange you receive at one business may be different from that at another business. One of the best cues is the main Pemex station in a town. There are lots of stations in border towns and big cities while a small community may only have one gasolinera. One thing that is helpful is the fact that most Pemex stations post their current exchange rates. Carry a good calculator along on your trip, keeping it with your Mexican insurance policy documents for easy access. You can do some quick computations to make sure that you are being charged fairly.

Getting More Cash

If you find that you have run short on cash during your trip, you can access additional money at an automatic teller machine. You may find one in a bank. You’ll occasionally encounter such machines in convenience stores or grocery stores as well. It’s important to know that your cash dispersal will be in pesos. It’s also helpful to understand that you may be charged high percentage fees for international transactions. Be careful about the type of machine that you use, as a device that retains your card may not always return it. Avoid these issues by using a sliding ATM. Avoid lapses in your Mexican auto insurance coverage by using computer resources to extend your plan or to purchase an additional Mexican insurance policy for a longer stay.

Do you purchase Mexican auto insurance coverage online when planning purchases for your trip to Mexico?

Mexican auto insurance coverage
Planning Purchases For Your Trip to Mexico

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  • Bartolomeo Braney
    August 15, 2013 7:23 pm

    The exchange rates are different but the spread is never that wide. Someone should only worry about locating an ATM in case he runs out of cash money during the trip.

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