Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store for Labor Day

Not sure what to do this upcoming Labor Day holiday? If you’re thinking about driving to Mexico, pick up Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store so that you can head south to Rocky Point. One of the closest beach destinations for Arizona residents, Rocky Point promises to be lots of fun during the holiday weekend. You can buy Mexican insurance online policy in minutes, perfect for enabling you to head out without an annoying stop at the border. Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store saves time and money.

First time tips

If it’s your first time heading to Rocky Point, you will want to consider finding a room or condo before you head down. The area is quite developed and very popular. The pricing is excellent, especially when compared to many expensive resorts in U.S. beach cities. You need to be sure to have your passport or passport card ready before you cross the border as these are required for re-entry into the United States. Some first-time travelers neglect to get their Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store before they cross. It’s still possible to buy Mexican insurance online policy by using your wireless phone, tablet or laptop. If you don’t have wireless access, stop at an Internet café to research Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance You can print your policy at the shop and be on your way safely.

Don’t forget to buy Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store!

Thinking about a camping vacation is reasonable as well. Many travelers take their RVs into Mexico, and the main issue is properly valuing your vehicle when you purchase your Mexican insurance online policy. Any towed vehicles must be listed as well, and towed cars must also have their own policy for safe and legal operation in Mexico. Although this may seem like double coverage, the two products are different. One covers towing and the other covers driving. Failure to carry both can place you in serious trouble if you are involved in an accident. If you aren’t sure about the coverage requirements and reasons, you can always discuss your Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance by email or via telephone. A thorough understanding can help you in making the best Mexican insurance online policy selection.

Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is required when driving in Mexico!

Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store
Rocky Point souvenir shop

Shopping in Rocky Point Mexico

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