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Mexican Auto Insurance Online – Winter Blues Solution? Mexico and a Sunny Beach

Although North American beaches can be a bit drab during the winter, you can look south of the U.S. border for some enjoyable options that might brighten your outlook and provide you with a point of refreshment after the stress and rush of the holiday season. For a driving vacation, you will need quality Mexican auto insurance online to ensure that both your interests and those of other motorists are protected. You can obtain a Mexico insurance policy with ease, allowing you to quickly purchase a policy that will serve for your long-term or short-term travel plans.

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Puerto Morelos beach boats in Mayan Riviera Maya of Mexico

Short drives

Although sunshine cannot be completely guaranteed on a given day, a long-term outlook through one of your favorite weather sites may be helpful. Rocky Point, Mexico, is a great location for mild weather and mostly sunny days if you don’t have the time to travel to the far southern reaches of the country. The tourist community is located just an hour south of the Lukeville border crossing in Arizona. San Felipe is on the opposite side of the Sea of Cortez with comparable conditions. This community is home to many expatriates, and it is only a couple of hours south of the Calexico crossing from California into Mexicali. Don’t ignore your need for a Mexican auto insurance online just because you select a short-distance itinerary. Coverage is mandated by Mexican law.

Road trip tip: Mexican auto insurance online is required to use the toll roads, so buy a Mexico insurance policy before leaving for Mexico

Longer drives

If you are willing to drive for two or three days, you can head to Cabo San Lucas in Baja del Sur for a warmer and sunnier experience. Your policy needs will be slightly different because recommended liability limits are higher in the southern state. In fact, any long-distance driving should be covered with the highest limits available. Some Mexican states require very high payments in fatality situations caused to a Mexican citizen by a third party. This serves as compensation to the family suffering such a loss, and the amount is connected to a state’s wage averages. As you obtain a Mexican auto insurance online quote, be sure that you opt for the highest available limits in cases of multi-state vacation plans. Be sure that your Mexico insurance policy will be effective throughout your time on Mexican soil.

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