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Insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance Store – Will Junk Taxes Affect Your Mexican Vacation?

You may shake your head at California’s efforts to tax sodas, but did you know that Mexico is facing similar issues? If you wonder whether the issue will affect consumption, it may help to note that PepsiCo experienced a 3 percent decline in sales in Mexico during the last quarter. While this may not affect your travel, it does demonstrate that such taxes can impact commerce. You don’t need to worry about Mexico taxing your Insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance Store since your purchase is completed from home. However, Mexican law can impact Mexican insurance coverage options at times, making it important to monitor issues from time to time.

How Will the Junk Tax Affect Your Trip?

If you love your junk food and sodas, you may find that your budget needs a little leeway if you don’t want to curb your consumption while you are on the road. Mexican sodas tend to be made with sugar rather than with the sweet corn syrupy products in U.S. counterparts. Similarly, many familiar brands and varieties of chips are available. However, you will find that on a short trip, you may not buy enough of these to really create much trouble with costs.

How Can Legal Changes Affect Your Insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance Store?

Legislation can affect the coverage needed as you travel in Mexico. For example, a few years ago, there was a change in fatality benefits, affecting many Mexican insurance coverage options at the time. Currently, Mexico is transitioning to a requirement for all motorists, not just foreigners, to carry Mexican insurance coverage options. This means that there may be more strict monitoring. While enforcement plans and efforts may not be clear at this time, it’s plausible that questioning during traffic stops or at military checkpoints could be increased. Be aware that it is required by Mexican law that you have sufficient Insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance Store or another provider.

If your trip won’t be a long one, you might want to stock up on that junk food stockpile before you go. However, you may find that a California sugar tax will make the Mexican purchase of sodas and chips more appealing.

Insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance Store comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • Taxing bad sugar foods has been a hot debate in US. In Mexico too, laws have been implemented for extra tax on junk foods like soda. I save extra coin and put it into gasoline and Mexican auto insurance for that extra mile of adventure.

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