Try Out Your Holiday Gifts South of the Border

Some of the most sought-after gifts of the season are tech devices, and a quick trip across the border may be the perfect chance to try them out. Whether you are working with a camera or fitness tracker, there’s plenty of room to enjoy these without fighting crowds of people as you head south to test your gadget. If you have a new laptop or tablet, use it to buy Mexico auto insurance online before you leave for your short venture. If you are driving a new Christmas car, you will definitely want quality Mexico online insurance to ensure that it is covered in case of trouble.

GoPro camera

Photography, Fitness, and More

The beaches of Baja are beautiful, perfect for a variety of interests. If your newest interest is photography, this is the perfect area to try out that GoPro camera. The drive from Tijuana to Ensenada is particularly beautiful. And the sunset at the Ensenada overlook is a great place to test the limits of your new device. If you will be there for sunset, it may be wise to secure hotel accommodations for the evening. This is because night driving can be challenging in Mexico. An extension of your policy might be necessary; don’t let your coverage lapse before you leave the country.

(Personally, I’m a sucker for photography, and it didn’t difficult to start taking pictures of everything)

The Wetlands, Dunes, and Oysters of Baja’s San Quintin Bay


If you are ready to put that Fitbit to work, San Quintín offers many beautiful beaches with miles of open space for walking. Evenings are cool, but winter days can be bright and comfortable. Work off those holiday goodies while aiming for those initial Fitbit badges. Of course, you won’t want to put those miles on because of running out of gas. Even if you do miss the mark and find your tank empty, your Mexico auto insurance online policy covers the issue with roadside assistance, an important feature that is included at no extra cost. Use your smartphone to contact the support center for prompt assistance.

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  • It’s the peak of wedding season. Mexico has always been the favourite place of wedding ceremonials. It’s enough to get cheap Mexico insurance for a 1-time wedding visit.

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