Treats for Kids as You Travel in Mexico and a Mexican Insurance Policy

Those who market holiday items with kids in mind have really missed the boat with one Mexican holiday. Día de los Niños has a great deal of untapped potential in the U.S. consumer market because of the emphasis on catering to kids. While this day is mostly ignored by local candy companies, you can take advantage of the day to teach your youngsters about Mexican culture and tradition. There even are some intuitive ideas that you can carry out to keep the kids entertained throughout the drive. Skip the Cinco de Mayo hoopla and head south of the border to let them enjoy Mexican food, especially the candies available at a dulcería. Handle your Mexican insurance policy so that you don’t have to stop at the border. Print your Mexican auto insurance policy documents right from your home printer.

Candies for Kids

Treats for Kids – Popular Candies in a Dulcería

Some of the most favorite concoctions for kids in Mexico involve chile. Look for chile-covered lollipops that are flavored like elote (corn), sandia (watermelon) or tamarindo (tamarind). You may also want to try various versions of Lucas, a brand of chile laced candy that usually involves a soft, gummy substance with a spicy flavor. Kids really love those versions that push through plastic tubes for spaghetti-like dispensing. You’ll also find banderas, coconut treats in colors of the Mexican flag. Check out Paletas Payaso as well, chocolate-covered marshmallow treats that often include fun plastic toys.

Galletas – Cookies

You can also venture into a Mexican store to look for other kid-friendly treats. Gamesa is a popular brand, and you’ll find both fancy and plain options. Look for packets of thin cracker-like cookies that are great for a quick snack. Surtidos are assortments of various types of cookies, great for parties. It’s always fun to allow your youngsters to pick out one or two varieties to try when you get back home.


Ice creams in Mexico may be a bit more rustic, but they are delicious. Stop at a Paletería Michoacan for a treat. The coconut and nuez varieties are particularly delicious. However, prepare yourself for surprises if your kids select anything with a trace of red – it might be chile.

Mexican insurance policy

Treat Yourself to the Right Mexican Insurance Policy

Getting your Mexican auto insurance policy at allows you to be sure that your coverage meets your needs and expectations. You can pick out a short or long-term Mexican insurance policy based on your expected travel plans for the near future.

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  • Maribel Olivar
    July 3, 2014 8:30 pm

    Mexico is a pompous place for your kids to enjoy. My little girl enjoys fancy Gamesa and Paletas Payaso while on holiday in Mexico. We both enjoy Surtidos. Mexico insurance is required.

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