Travel By Air or Land to Mexico – Mexican insurance for Canadians

Mexican insurance for Canadians
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Mexican insurance for Canadians – Travel By Air or Land to Mexico?

Are you debating flying verses flying for a trip to Mexico? Travel from Canada may be quicker by air, but your needs while in the country, the length of your holiday, and the type of area you will visit may limit your ability to fly. If you do need to drive, you will need Mexican insurance for Canadians to be sure that you are in compliance with Mexican law. You can look for the most comprehensive Mexican auto insurance for Canadians online, comparing features and pricing. If you will be taking your own vehicle, your Mexican car insurance for Canadians can be purchased as soon as your travel dates are confirmed.

Limits on Travel by Air

The main reason your travel by airplane would be limited is the lack of an airport. While many major cities have airports, you may want to visit an area that is not in close proximity to a Mexican airport. Some people travel into Mexico by way of private airplanes, using small airports and airstrips in more rural settings. If you have access to such means of travel, flying may be perfect.

Need for Transportation

If you will need a vehicle while in Mexico, air travel may put you in the position of having to rent a vehicle. There may be a variety of concerns with such a decision. You may be concerned about having a reliable vehicle. You may also wonder if you can buy Mexican insurance for Canadians to cover your travel in a foreign-plated vehicle. Unfortunately, tourist-based Mexican car insurance for Canadians doesn’t cover foreign-plated vehicles. You would need to investigate coverage options with the rental agency or through your credit card company. Most rentals including the insurance are at least $50.00 per day. $10.00 for the rental and $40.00 per day for the insurance. It’s far more economical to drive your own vehicle.

If you will travel to a large border city, you might want to consider flying into a U.S. airport and making your vehicle rental in that location. You can get tourist-based Mexican auto insurance for Canadians to cover a U.S.-based vehicle, and you can typically obtain permission to drive such vehicles into Mexico.

Time Constraints

If your travel time is strictly limited, flight may be your best option. However, if you have plenty of time to spend, your Mexican insurance for Canadians will carry you to exotic and beautiful sites legally.

Mexican insurance for Canadians from comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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