Top-rated Mexico Insurance to Visit Your Family in Mexico

Are you planning a visit to see relatives in Mexico? Don’t forget your top-rated Mexico insurance. It’s tempting to skip the cost and just drive down. But it’s important to realize that an accident can have costly consequences. People tempt fate from time to time, but an accident without adequate Mexican insurance online can be financially devastating to anyone.

Authentic Mexican car insurance

Top-rated Mexico insurance

Can You Afford an Accident?

While minor fender benders may be easy to settle without authorities, serious accidents can be another story. In 2012, the Mexican government increased the death benefit for dependents of a citizen killed in a third-party incident. A fatality on the roads is now seven times as expensive as it was prior to that time. Additionally, the government bases that determination on wages in the state. Your obligations as a responsible driver in Sonora may be low. However, in a state like Baja Norte, they are significantly higher. You can take your chances by neglecting to buy top-rated Mexico insurance, but you will do so at your own risk. Whether you are visiting for a weekend or for a month, you can be sure of proper protection as you select the right Mexican insurance online.

Can You Replace Your Vehicle?

Another serious consideration is the value of your car or truck. Although you may know the roads, something can go wrong because of unexpected damage to those roads. You can have a tire blowout, encounter storm damage, or experience a rockslide. These can damage your car and unable to run. In a severe accident, your totaled car won’t be replaced if you settle for liability coverage or skip your Mexican insurance online altogether. Full coverage insurance is better if you can’t afford major repairs or the replacement of your vehicle. Additionally, all top-rated Mexico insurance at includes roadside assistance, medical provisions, and legal representation so that you can deal with these issues in an emergency.

If your vehicle is not yet paid in full, you need a letter of permission to travel to Mexico. It’s important to discuss the details with your lienholder to be sure that you travel in a manner that will satisfy company rules. Additionally, remember that your U.S. or Canada policy doesn’t cover accidents in Mexico.

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Driving In Mexico

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  • Luetta Brungardt
    October 1, 2014 4:48 pm

    I work in Denver, Colorado. I always find it cheaper to drive down south with Mexican insurance to visit my family in Durango every first weekend.

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