Thinking Tacos? Think Tijuana and Beyond! Remember Mexican Auto Insurance for Tourists

Mexican Auto Insurance for Tourists
Tijuana Zonkey

Mexican Auto Insurance for Tourists – Thinking Tacos? Think Tijuana and Beyond!

Although it may be several years since Rick Bayless made Baja his culinary focus for the series One Plate at a Time, his comments about Tijuana’s tacos indicate that this is a destination worthy of more than just a casual walk across the border. You may want to drive to be sure that you get access to some of the best tacos on the planet, but you won’t want to do so without Mexican auto insurance for tourists. The best car insurance for Mexico coverage options will vary based on your long-term plans, especially if you want to visit more often.

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Why Tijuana?

Although the immediate area by the border may seem a little pushy and touristy, it doesn’t take long to move away from the tourist focus and into the ejidos where the main patrons are everyday individuals. Look for active business, and you will have a clue that you’ve discovered a thriving taco stand. Th greatest level of activity is at night. You do need to be cautious if you are off the beaten tourist path at this point in the day, so be cognizant of your surroundings. Evening isn’t a great time to be stranded, but your car insurance for Mexico coverage does include roadside assistance if you have trouble. Be sure that your cellphone is charged and easily accessible so that you can make contact with the provider for your Mexican auto insurance for tourists as you seek help.

Mexican auto insurance for tourists is required across the border!

Don’t forget to pick up car insurance for Mexico coverage before leaving! Without Mexican auto insurance for tourists, you can’t use the toll roads in case you want to drive further into the country.

Tijuana is a melting pot of sorts. Further south, there are communities that focus on agriculture. The largest packing plant in Latin America is located in the San Quintín Valley, and numerous immigrants come from mainland to work in the tomato and cucumber fields. A trip further south is a great way to explore Baja cuisine to a greater extent. As you seek the perfect taco experience, your car insurance for Mexico coverage needs to be up to date so that you don’t risk serious financial and legal repercussions.

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