Taking ATVs to Mexico With Mexican Insurance Store

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

ATV Tour, Los Cabos 

A new ATV (short for all-terrain vehicle) can be a great deal of fun, but finding wide, open space for riding may seem challenging, especially in more crowded areas. Mexico offers some excellent areas for riding, and you don’t have to go far to reach dunes, beaches, and other open spaces. You will want to be sure that towed items are added to your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. You may also want to evaluate coverage options for your ATVs. While car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance Store options don’t cover ATVs, some will handle this need in very specific circumstances.

Coverage options for ATVs

The primary option for insuring your ATVs across the border is with HDI. However, this is restricted to street-legal version specifically plated in your home country. Additionally, coverage is limited to legal use on recognized roads. Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store or any other policy in the industry does not cover off-road activity. While you can certainly use your ATVs in off-road situations, you do need to recognize that you are responsible for any damages to your vehicle or to another person’s property. Also take the necessary precautions to ensure you can service your rugged four wheeler if need be.

Note: Mexico insurance is required across the border!

Since a towing accident without the proper coverage could put you at risk, it is best to review your policy before setting out. Be sure that the trailer and other towed items are included, as a failure to do so will leave you at risk of losing your coverage in the event of an accident.

Timing your trip

An open-ended trip can be a lot of fun, especially if you will be staying on a beach or near a popular off-road area. Be sure that your coverage will be valid for the full time that you are in the country. Even a single day’s lapse can be a horrible mistake if something goes wrong. If you discover your policy will lapse before you return to the border, you can always purchase additional coverage online with a wireless device or at an Internet café in the area. You will want to print updated policy documents if possible, but your details will be transmitted for access by authorities in case of trouble.

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