Take Your iPhone 6 to Mexico for Great Videography

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I Phone 6

Now that you have your iPhone 6 in hand, it’s the perfect time to check out its features by going on a road trip and capturing some great footage of Mexican beaches, markets, and roads. Of course, you don’t need your phone as an excuse to go, but you’ll enjoy putting your tech tools to work as you enjoy driving in Mexico and experiencing the beautiful temperatures of the fall. Your driving vacation requires Mexico insurance, important for ensuring that you are traveling legally. You can check your options for Mexican auto insurance online with that new iPhone as well.

Videography and Photography

Hopefully, you’ve invested in a phone with plenty of storage space because you will have lots of great views from Tijuana to San Quintín. With apps such as iMovie, you can definitely do a lot with just a little bit of footage. But why limit yourself to short clips when you can capture long spans of wave activity, sporting events, sunsets, and more? A road trip will allow you to see what your phone can do.


Of course, your main point in having a smartphone may be communications, and you will appreciate the improvements in access to technology and Internet connections in recent years in Mexico. With Wi-Fi hot spots, you may not need to duck into an Internet café to check your email. You will, however, want to be aware of your carrier’s travel plans for Mexico so that you aren’t racking up expensive roaming data charges.

It’s helpful to add your contact information for your Mexico insurance online with MexicanInsuranceStore.com to your phone before you go. You might still be able to discuss your query with Siri. But you may quickly become frustrated as she guesses at your intentions. Maybe the iPhone 7 will have an improved Siri, but we can only hope. Siri may help you with your Spanish if you change your settings, but she may not understand your accent. Just to be safe, pre-program your Mexican auto insurance contact information into your contacts. Be sure to save your emails and documents as well for quick access. You can also update your Mexico insurance online with MexicanInsuranceStore.com if necessary.

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