Whether you are looking for a scenic route to your destination or whether you are hoping to save a few pesos on tolls, you might be concerned about finding a means of circumventing the traditional highway routes of Mexico. In some cases, back roads and alternatives may be available, while in others, it’s best to just stick to the highway. As a foreigner, it is wise to stay on conventional roads to preserve your Mexican car insurance online. For example, Mexican insurance for cars can be nullified for off-road driving activity. Out-of-the-way destinations can also make it difficult to get help in case of a roadside emergency.

Scenery along R – 1 of Baja California.

Skipping tolls

By avoiding toll roads, you could save a few dollars, but you could also compromise your safety. The government uses toll fees to maintain related roads. And those who use these roads are afforded certain protections. This applies only if they actually carry Mexican insurance for cars. If you don’t have coverage, you could be in trouble if you have an accident on a toll road. If possible, use the toll routes because they are faster, and be sure your policy is up to date.

Remember that Authroritiues Require Mexican car insurance online to drive on any toll roads!

As a foreigner, an out-of-the-way road or town could leave you somewhat vulnerable. It is wise to stick to well-traveled roads to minimize your risk of problematic encounters. Also remember that off-road driving is not provided with any Mexican insurance for cars, meaning that if you have an accident in such a setting, you could be held responsible for damages that would have otherwise been covered by a full coverage Mexican car insurance online policy. As fun as it can be to explore, especially in a sport utility vehicle, it’s best to drive where you know you’re safe.

Mexican car insurance online


There are times when you may reach a military checkpoint, which is typically just a simple inspection location. However, you should pay attention to the pattern of treatment to ensure that you are prepared to stop, allow your vehicle to be searched, and answer questions as needed. In rare cases, there could be a roadblock for reasons unknown to you. It’s no big deal, just be respectful, follow directions and avoid conflict with the officials who are overseeing the operation. The authorities usually stop 1 out of 10 vehicles and the process is quite safe and normal.

Mexican car insurance online from MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes Roadside Assistance as a bonus and it applies throughout Mexico

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