Ready for the Road – Mexican Car Insurance For Travel

One of the first steps in preparing for a trip to Mexico is getting your Mexican car insurance for travel in order. You’ll also need to have your passports ready. A thorough inspection of your vehicle is also in order so that you don’t experience avoidable mishaps such as overheating when you cross the border. Your Mexico border insurance does help in cases of breakdowns, but it’s better to enjoy your vacation without unnecessary automotive problems.

Woman placing emergency warning triangle sign on the road by her broken car

Ready for Road Emergencies

As you stock your vehicle for the trip, be sure to have both drinking water and extra water for your radiator. You will often find water drums for non-drinking use at strategic points on federal highways in Mexico. In addition, you should prepare yourself in case of a breakdown in an inconvenient location. It is also wise to have an emergency supply kit with flares, a portable battery charger, and a portable tire-inflation unit.

If you experience a battery or tire problem and lack these items, contacting your Mexican car insurance for travel is a means of obtaining help. Of course, a reliable wireless phone is essential as well. This is so that you can get through to the bilingual helpline for your Mexico border insurance.

Ready for Road Activity

Mexican highways and roads can be a bit rustic, especially in rural areas. Speed bumps, referred to in Spanish as topes, are often used on major roads and highways to control speed. However, many foreigners can be surprised by them, driving over them at excessive speeds. Make sure that the goods in your vehicle are anchored down to avoid having them tumble. Secure items like computers or other expensive equipment. It’s better to avoid excess speed on topes altogether.

Similarly, you will want to be cautious on narrower highways where two-way traffic with large vehicles can be typical. Baja’s Highway 1, for example, can include touchy spots. Err on the side of caution, especially in hilly and curvy areas. Finally, be sure that you have the correct selections when you buy your Mexican  car insurance for travel. Purchasing a quality policy helps avoid problems in the event of an accident or claim.

Mexican car insurance for travel from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional charge.


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  • Marlana Jemison
    June 17, 2015 5:58 pm

    You are road-ready in Mexico if you have Mexico insurance.  You become a more responsible car owner, making highways safer. At the same time, you’re helping the environment to be secured.

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