Quick Border Crossing and Car Insurance Coverage for Mexico


Timing your trip into and out of Mexico can be tricky. This is especially true if you need to be in a certain place in a timely manner after crossing. Your wait at the border will vary based on the activity of a given day, making it important to do your research before you go. Your car insurance coverage for Mexico is similar. If you have minimal experience in selecting Mexican auto insurance online, you will want to do your research in advance. With more experience, you’ll be able to plan more efficiently. Until then, it is wise to give yourself some leeway in both instances.

Mexico City Traffic Jam During Rush Hour And Tree Scene In Mexico

Border traffic trends

There are two scenarios that create high levels of traffic at the border. Commuters and travelers can clog up the lanes and resulting in extensive wait times. So understanding typical travel times for these situations can help you avoid being stuck. If you are worried about avoiding traffic upon entry into Mexico, you can typically move smoothly across early in the day.

The exception is the weekend, when morning travel may be more congested. Similarly, leaving Mexico should be based on an understanding of commuters and tourists. Weekend afternoons and evenings can be extremely congested. Weekday mornings are also very active. As the rush hour wanes, crossing can be quick and smooth. If you need a quick exit on a weekend, consider seeking a pass that will allow you to use a special lane. Some businesses offer such passes, encouraging tourists to patronize their establishments.

Pro Tip: Car insurance coverage for Mexico is now a requirement when driving across the border, so remember to purchase Mexican auto insurance online!

Car insurance coverage for Mexico

Car Insurance Coverage for Mexico Trends

It is wise to invest in comprehensive Mexican auto insurance online. This is so that you will have some recourse in case of total theft. It may be wise to expand your car insurance for Mexico to address partial theft as well due to the risk of having parts taken while you are parked. You can vary your limits, but it is crucial that your liability limits exceed the basic death benefit for accident victims in Mexico. Insufficient coverage is an issue that could leave you sitting in jail as you figure out how to pay the damages owed in a major accident.

Mexican auto insurance online from Mexican Insurance Store includes Roadside Assistance at no extra charge!

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  • Veronica Dannenberg
    September 15, 2015 5:57 pm

    Early research online for the best Mexican auto insurance is all helpful. Think how much time you can save from lining up to buy insurance at the border.

  • Significantly, you’ll save much time if you avoid the hassles and congestion on the road. One thing to do it is to prepare your Mexican auto insurance beforehand.

  • Quick border crossing matters for all car owners. With the help of Mexican auto insurance, travelling time is reduced significantly.

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