Protect Yourself from Wild Animals While Driving South of the Border

Your top-rated Mexican insurance policy for border crossings is important for both legal and safety reasons. As you travel in Mexico, safety is an important concern in terms of your driving and destinations. The best Mexico auto insurance policy won’t keep you out of trouble if you travel in bad conditions or at inappropriate times. Your motor vehicle coverage doesn’t cover most medical issues. Because of this, you will want to be cautious as you encounter animals during your trip.

top-rated Mexican insurance policy

Wild Animals

Many people wonder if they hit an animal on the road does their top-rated Mexican insurance policy cover this type of accident. Yes, it does, as long as you have a valid “Full Coverage” Mexican insurance policy. A valid “Liability Only” policy will also do. “Full coverage” will respond to your obligation to the owner of the animal. And it also covers any damage to your covered vehicle. A “Liability Only” policy will cover your obligation to the owner of the animal.

You may encounter coyotes, burros, or other mammals during your travel. Keep your distance. A 40-pound coyote impact on a highway can tear the bumper from your vehicle. I know because it happened to me. Traveling at night can place you in a vulnerable position. It’s because both domestic and wild animals can be on the streets at night. This creates the potential for a car accident.

If you intend to do any night driving, be sure that your headlights are in good shape. Additionally, make sure that you have comprehensive car insurance for border crossings. This is so that your damages are covered in a single-vehicle accident. Best Mexico auto insurance policy options include roadside services for situations. Without these, that might otherwise leave you stranded and trying to find help. Remember that night travel is not recommended for foreigners.

A deer at night spotted on the road in headlights

Grave Health Situations

Your top-rated Mexican insurance policy for border crossings includes benefits related to grave health situations that might arise from an accident, animal encounter, or other serious situation. Be sure that you consider the best Mexico auto insurance policy features as you decide on the coverage that will work for your travel plans. You may not expect a health problem related to animals, but if you do encounter a grave illness or serious injury, your coverage could help you to get home.

Domestic or Feral

Dogs and cats have a universal appeal to animal lovers, and it can be instinctive to want to pet, feed, or otherwise interact with an apparently domestic dog or cat. However, care for even domestic animals can be far different from that which you are accustomed to providing for your pets at home. It is wise to keep your distance to avoid bites and scratches. If you do have such an encounter, it is important to consider seeking medical attention to ensure that you haven’t encountered common animal-borne illnesses.

Each top-rated Mexican insurance policy from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost


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  • January Maclaren
    February 15, 2017 5:39 pm

    After meeting an accident, that’s the time you will recognize the limitations of Mexico insurance coverage you bought.

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