Preparing Vehicle Documents in Mexico Including Mexican Auto Insurance Online

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Mexico Vehicle Documents

Preparing Vehicle Documents in Mexico Including Mexican Auto Insurance Online

If you don’t live near the border and haven’t visited Mexico before, then you may wonder about the best methods for preparing in advance to drive into the country. For example, anyone contemplating a driving vacation in Mexico must know that car importation is a severe issue for the mainland. In Baja, however, importation isn’t required. A Mexican auto insurance online policy is a high priority in both cases. Selecting Mexican car insurance should happen before arrival at the border.

It’s essential to research before you reach the border to ensure that all of your travel documents are ready for getting in and out of the country. It’s also important to note that requirements may vary based on your destination. For example, a valid Mexican auto insurance online policy is required to drive legally on any highway in Mexico.

Documents for Your Vehicle Including a Mexican auto insurance online policy

Your registration needs to be up to date before you cross the border. If you are driving a vehicle that isn’t yours, you should travel with a letter from the owner stating that you have permission to take the automobile across the border. It’s not uncommon for tourists to drive rental vehicles into Mexico. This is acceptable as long as the rental agency has given you permission. An accident in Mexico in a car that isn’t yours can become complicated, requiring that the actual owner arrive to handle some issues.

IMPORTANT: If you are driving to Mexico in someone else’s US-plated vehicle and you are not a US/Canadian citizen (you are a Mexico citizen). You do not have a US/Canadian driver’s license (you have a Mexico driver’s license); don’t do it. The border authorities can confiscate the borrowed vehicle, and the fine is the vehicle’s value.

Those traveling into mainland Mexico should complete an application for temporary car importation just after crossing the country. This is handled at the customs station just past the border as you complete the paperwork and pay a deposit. To save time at the border, you can do this at a Mexican consulate.

Mexican car insurance is required for legal travel in the country. It can be easily selected, purchased, and printed online. This can be completed well in advance of your trip if you will be using your vehicle. If you plan to rent a car at the border, you will need to handle your purchase after you rent.

Personal Travel Documents

You will need your passport or passport card to travel to Mexico. You may not need to show this identification as you enter the country. However, you will undoubtedly need to produce it as you leave. In addition, if you travel beyond the border or remain in the country for more than three days, you will also need to stop at the customs area after crossing the border to complete an application for a tourist permit.

Select Quality Mexican car insurance from

As you prepare to enter Mexico, ensure that your Mexican car insurance selection is appropriate for the states you visit. Do your research online and buy your  Mexican auto insurance online policy early.

Each Mexican auto insurance online policy from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

Bright Colors in Mainland Mexico and Mexican Insurance for Driving

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