Preparing for Travel in the Face of Mexico’s Hurricane Season with Mexico insurance from

Mexico insurance from
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While a serious hurricane isn’t an everyday event, you may want to consider a family’s recent challenges as you decide how you will reach your destination the next time you vacation in Mexico. There are some additional benefits with Mexico insurance from that might help in such a scenario. If you will drive, you will need Mexican auto insurance with A Las Vegas family traveling in Cabo San Lucas was stranded due to Hurricane Odile’s destructive trip across the Baja Peninsula, and the bus ride up the peninsula was harrowing as well. While driving might have been dicey in their own vehicle as well, there is a greater sense of control when you have a vehicle upon which to depend.

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Change of plans

If your trip appears to be headed for trouble, airfare may be difficult to change at the last minute, especially if the storm doesn’t form until you are far past any change deadlines. You might find that you can obtain a refund due to unexpected hazards, but the amount of money invested in that flight may be significant. Mexico insurance from can be adjusted prior to its effective date, meaning that you can change to a later travel date or cancel altogether without any penalty. If your Mexican auto insurance with has begun and you need to cut your trip short because of weather, you may be able to receive a partial refund based on the amount of the policy time that remains. The hundreds you would pay per airplane ticket may be much greater than losing some Mexico insurance from, and you can be in control of your departure time if a serious storm is headed your way.

Extending your stay? Remember to extend your Mexico insurance from

If you are facing washed out roads and other storm damage, you may want to avoid dangerous driving conditions and hunker in place. As long as you can connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection or other Internet solution, you can purchase the supplemental Mexican auto insurance with needed to cover your additional time in the country. Of course, it is wise to think about hurricane season when you plan a trip in the Pacific Coast regions of Baja or mainland Mexico, understanding that some hurricanes do actually make it to the region.

Mexico insurance from gives you FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico with every policy!

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  • Damian Magana
    November 4, 2015 5:18 pm

    I would not want to be caught up in the hurricane season that takes place between June and November so I would plan to visit the beach resorts on October and May not forgetting my Mexico insurance cover.

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