Preparing for Spring Travel with the Right Mexico Insurance Policy with

Cinco De Mayo

Preparing for Spring Travel with the Right Mexico Insurance Policy with

Spring holidays in Mexico can be somewhat different from what you may expect. It’s helpful to know about these events as you plan your trip and select your Mexico insurance policy with While some may create a need to adjust your plans, others are actually less significant than you may imagine. Your Mexican auto insurance coverage team provides a reality check as you consider spring travel. In fact Mexico insurance policy with is now a legal requirement for traveling on highways in Mexico.

Easter Activities

If you have a spring break trip in the works, you may be concerned about finding facilities closed on Easter Sunday. Actually, it’s the preceding Friday that you need to be concerned with. As the nation has a heavy Catholic influence, you will find many businesses closed on Good Friday. While you may still be able to pick up supplies, you do need to be aware of these possible store closures. Travel shouldn’t be significantly interrupted, and by the following Saturday, you can expect commercial activity to resume in smaller communities. Expect areas like beaches and parks to experience heavier than normal activity on Good Friday.

Día de los Niños

April 30 is the day of children, celebrated with parties and piñatas for youngsters. While it shouldn’t result in any significant effect on your travel and commerce, you may find a few opportunities to observe local fun. Watch out at piñata parties as children can be ruthless in swinging for candy!

Mexican Labor Day

May 1 is often known as May Day, but in Mexico, it is Labor Day. This is a legal holiday throughout the nation, and government services may be closed. You may also encounter limited staffing at other shops and commercial establishments, especially in small communities.

Cinco de Mayo

May 5 is not a significant holiday for most of the nation. It is a day to commemorate a battle in Puebla, and Puebla travelers could encounter some observances. Otherwise, the day is normal.

Día de las Madres

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on May 10. Again, you probably won’t be affected as you travel. However, if you are in a small community during this time, you may hear mothers being serenaded by young people with a chorus of Las Mañanitas. Enjoy!

Don’t Travel this Spring Without Mexico Insurance policy with

You need to obey Mexican law at all times as you travel, especially as you drive. Mexican auto insurance coverage is a requirement, and traveling without it could create big problems if you have an accident. You can contact our team or research online to select the best Mexico insurance policy with for your plans.

A Mexico Insurance policy with comes with countrywide Roadside Assistance at no additional premium.

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  • Teodora Bogner
    May 6, 2014 4:33 pm

    Spring brings numerous activities and festivals in Mexico, so it’s important to get your car insured from Mexican Insurance Store. A legal necessity for every citizen outside of the city.

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