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If you are wondering how to prepare for the coming winter in Mexico, think about the climate and the demographics of your area. As you venture into more rural territory, you might have less access to basic comfort goods. If you are driving across the border, you need Mexican insurance to be covered in case of an accident. Mexican auto insurance at also provides coverage for road emergencies and other major issues like trip interruption.


You may want to be prepared for varying conditions. While evenings during the winter months can get cold, the days are pleasant. It is common for Mexican homes to lack central comfort control equipment, making it important to have your own space heaters and plenty of blankets. The construction of the home affects the insulation as well, so keep that in mind.

Speaking of comfort, Mexican insurance is necessary if you wish to use the toll roads. Without proper Mexican auto insurance, you could be in the car for longer.

Setting up the house

Check out your surroundings so you can verify whether you need to arrange for your own utilities or simply pay an existing account. Signing up for service can be a little complicated. This is especially true if you are in an area where only very few people speak English. Clarify these issues before putting money down. Internet is a must-have.

Besides Mexican insurance, what other documents do you need?

You must have your passport to return across the U.S. border. Or you will want to have a tourist visa during a long-term stay to ensure that you don’t run into legal problems with area authorities. A tourist bringing his car into Mexico should carry Mexican auto insurance for the duration of his stay. What plans you have may determine whether your insurance policy needs to exceed six months or not.

While you might not need to show your Mexican auto insurance at to anyone during your stay, keep a copy in your vehicle for easy reference in case of an emergency.

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  • Travelers to Mexico, especially those from Canada and Europe easily forget that Mexico too has winter season. Though it may not be as biting as in Canada or Europe, it is worth preparing for. Thus, in addition to ensuring that you have adequate documentation including passport, tourist visa and your Mexico insurance for your car, have proper clothing to keep you warm especially at night.

  • Jaleesa Broussard
    April 17, 2015 6:09 pm

    Obviously most Canadians and many Americans go to Mexico during winter time. Definitely a different kind of winter experience! Driving to Mexico can be accompanied with road hazards and the only way for safety is to buy Mexico insurance. It’s a reliable protection not only during winter season.

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