Prep for Emergencies inside Mexico with Mexican Insurance for Cars

While some foreign emergencies can be quite serious, others are merely inconvenient. A bit of preparation before you travel can help you to respond. This can help you in different types of emergencies as you travel to Mexico. Additionally, Mexican insurance for cars gives you access to answers in urgent situations. Mexico auto insurance includes details for contacting an emergency hotline to obtain important information and vehicle-related assistance.

Medical emergencies

While not all communities have medical centers, many have doctors and pharmacies.  Local authorities will typically be able to find urgent help for more serious health issues. Large communities may have more options for attending to urgent medical needs. Your potential for emergencies can range from incidents involving food poisoning to auto accidents. Mexican insurance for cars covers medical care in certain scenarios.

Weather Emergencies

If a serious weather event prevents your continued travel, defer to local authorities and weather resources. However, you may want to stay alert during times that are known for more serious weather events such as hurricanes. Wireless devices offer excellent options for monitoring these conditions. Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for cars gives you access to the toll roads.

So now you have Mexican insurance for cars. What about driving emergencies?

If you break down during your travels, you can use your policy to coordinate towing or mechanical help. In addition, Mexico auto insurance allows you to call the hotline for assistance as you attempt to get your vehicle moved to a repair facility. Issues such as lockouts, tire blowouts, and dead batteries are also eligible for this emergency assistance.

Other Avenues You Can Seek For Help In Case Of Emergencies

Aside from getting help from your insurance provider in emergencies, there are other avenues to seek help. For example, one great thing about driving in Mexico is accessing assistance from other national roadside assistance agencies.

One example of a roadside service is the Green Angels or Angeles Verdes. Just as the name implies, they have green trucks, which make them stand out. In addition, their bilingual mechanics can be found on the toll roads, available 24 hours a day.

The Green Angels should provide you with all the help you need; however, it’s nice to know that you still have another option of calling the police if you have a severe emergency. There is a national 911 emergency number you can call for emergencies, just like in the US. Other emergency numbers are; 060 for the police, 068 for fire service, and 065 for an ambulance. In all, always make sure you have your Mexican auto insurance policy.

Prep for Emergencies inside Mexico with Mexican Insurance for Cars

Guide to Avoiding Accidents Across the Border – Mexico Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

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  • Lurlene Anders
    November 4, 2016 6:20 pm

    Make sure you have bought your Mexico insurance before heading to the border. If not, you can’t cross the border until you buy car insurance.

  • Remember to include the extra car in your Mexico insurance if you plan to drive an RV and bring your car in Mexico.

  • This is VERY important because the Mexican insurance company can negate the hauling vehicle’s policy if any trailer, boat or small vehicle is not listed on the policy.

  • Shawnta Harwell
    November 17, 2017 5:26 pm

    Remember that any changes in your travel plan could affect your Mexico insurance coverage. To avoid this, call Mexican Insurance Store and ask questions.

  • All Mexican Insurance Store policies cover all of Mexico so you can drive anywhere. You aren’t restricted to any territory.

  • Don’t get distracted by anyone or anything else. Be attentive. Have focus in driving. Always keep the road rules each time you hit the road.

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