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Thousands travel to Mexico for summer service projects and missions trips, and those who drive should be aware of the legal expectations of the Mexican government for visitors, including the expectation that all motorists have proper Mexico insurance online for visitors. Your Mexican car insurance online for missions may not come into play if you have an incident-free trip, but an incident without proper coverage could be disastrous. Following are some important pointers for having a positive trip.

1. Flexibility of Mexico Insurance Online Is Crucial

Some exercise their flexibility by skipping the purchase of Mexican insurance. However, this is the one area in which you should go by the book. However, the Mexican culture is very relaxed in most aspects, which can be frustrating to a U.S. or Canadian missions team. Personal interactions are important, and plans can change. It’s the people, not the project, so don’t miss the real treat in being included in a relationship-oriented activity because of a schedule. Be ready to change plans.

2. Respect Is Valued

It is important to be aware of some basic cultural guidelines if you will be working with Mexican people during your trip. Handshakes are commonplace. And if you shake the hands of just some members of a group, you could offend others. Try to greet all members of any groups you are working with. Be sure to use polite terms such as por favor and gracias, please and thank you. Con permiso is another important term, similar to excuse me. Use this as you take your leave of someone or if you must interrupt.

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3. Obey the Laws on Your Mexico Missions

A missions trip can be exciting, but there may be temptations to circumvent Mexican law to accomplish a goal. This can be a problem in terms of building relationships, and it could lead to legal trouble. For example, a car accident involving a vehicle in your group that lacks car insurance could lead to potential penalties and legal troubles. This could also interfere with your travels. Your  Mexico insurance online for visitors provides legal support if you do have an accident. Additionally, Mexican car insurance online also allows for emergency support if you have vehicle troubles as you drive.

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