Play it Safe on a Distillery or Winery Tour in Mexico – Mexican auto insurance for tourists

Mexican auto insurance for tourists
Escape to Baja’s Wine Country Tour

Mexican auto insurance for tourists – Play it Safe on a Distillery or Winery Tour in Mexico

You probably don’t need a lecture about the dangers of impaired driving, and you may not want to worry about such issues as you schedule your tour of Mexico’s famed tequila distilleries or up-and-coming wineries. However, your Mexican auto insurance for tourists does little to help you out of a legal jam if you end up in jail because of an impairment-related accident. Many travel to Mexico with hopes of living it up. An impairment-related accident can void your Mexican insurance online, however, leaving you to live it up in Mexican detention facilities without the benefit of easily accessible legal support that would otherwise be provided because of your coverage.

Minimum Ages – Mexican insurance online

If you are traveling from the United States, you may be surprised to know that the minimum drinking age in Mexico is 18. In fact, the U.S. is one of only six countries that sets the limit for legal consumption of alcoholic beverages at 21. This makes Mexico an attractive destination for spring break as those in the college crowd who are under the age of 21 seek a spot for fun but legal indulgence. However, blood alcohol concentration can be much more restrictive for driving activities in some states. While many locations are similar to the U.S. with a legal limit of 0.8, numerous states set the limit much lower. It is wise to avoid driving after the consumption of alcohol, especially if you will be taking a tour of a distillery region or winery area. Some tours are designed so that transportation is provided. Other tours occur in areas with accessible accommodations nearby. For those simply traveling for the purpose of partying, it’s important to exercise precautions such as selecting a designated driver. A DUI in Mexico can result in the loss of your Mexico auto insurance for tourists. It can also create major legal difficulties.

Minimum age is also a concern as you select your Mexican insurance online policy online. No one under the age of 21 is eligible to drive, Mexican auto insurance for tourists requires a minimum driver age of 21. Shared driving among friends might seem sensible, but don’t designate an 18-year-old as your driver because you could lose your Mexican auto insurance for tourists in the event of an accident.

Mexican auto insurance for tourists from Mexican Insurance Store comes with Roadside Assistance, repair in the US and legal

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