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Mexican insurance at – Plan a whale watching trip

It’s not too early to think about whale-watching season as the fall months approach. Whale migration attracts lots of tourists each year, making it helpful to plan ahead a bit so that your hotel and charter tours are reserved. Migration typically begins in late-December and continues until April. You don’t need to buy Mexican insurance at until you leave, though buying a flexible amount of Mexico car insurance from is useful in case you get delayed or want to stay longer.

How important is location?

You will want to review some of the whale watching tours and feedback to get a feel for the quality of various experiences available. Because many of the tours are handled by area residents, you may not be able to reserve a spot until you are actually there. However, some will have websites explaining their options and pricing. These may be pricier, but they may also reflect a professionalism that allows you to have confidence in the quality of your tour.

Whales can be viewed on both sides of the Baja peninsula, and you may also consider a mainland destination with tours originating on the east side of the Sea of Cortez. Rocky Point can provide you with a quality experience without the need for long-distance driving in Mexico. Balance your need to find the right vacation spot without having to drive too much. Remember Mexican insurance at lets you

Mexican insurance at is required!

Whether you drive long or short distances, a Mexican insurance policy on needs to be taken seriously so that you don’t encounter legal problems in the event of an accident. Even a small mishap can become serious if your Mexico insurance lapses or if it is not sufficient to cover your obligations. Mexican law works much differently than that in the U.S. and Canada, and failing to carry a Mexican insurance policy on could leave you in a legal bind due to the presumption of guilt that is predominant in the Mexican legal system.

Mexican insurance at gives you peace of mind! 

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