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Although U.S. residents may not be the specific objects of scrutiny, reports indicate that biometric screening will be increasing as travelers travel from Mexico into the United States. A trial run of this screening is expected to begin at the Otay Mesa crossing in San Diego, where U.S. agents are expected to scan eyes and facial features. As soon as February, this will include scanning those traveling by foot into Mexico. The trial is expected to continue through June 2016. Those with full full-coverage Mexican insurance across the border may not notice this activity to any great degree. However, reliable Mexican auto insurance is still an expectation for all automotive travelers driving foreign-plated vehicles in Mexico.

Why biometrics?

Experts indicate that the use of biometrics could address concerns over border traffic that may involve illegal crossings. However, privacy concerns have resulted in objections. Further, those who already deal with slow border activity interfering with their travels are concerned about the impact on travel times. The move to scan individuals leaving the U.S. may seem unusual. However, officials show that this is an area with a significant deficiency.

Preparing for an efficient border crossing

It is not unusual to expect slow crossings when leaving Mexico by car or on foot. This makes it important to think through your border timing before you get there. You can save time before entering Mexico by getting your full-coverage Mexican insurance. You should have reliable Mexican auto insurance to cover the duration of your time in Mexico. And online full-coverage Mexican insurance allows you to make adjustments or purchase additional coverage. This is true if you experience last-minute changes in your departure date. If you have full-coverage Mexican insurance online, you can also reprint coverage documents if you misplace your originals during the policy period. Of course, your reliable Mexican auto insurance policy won’t do much for your border crossing as you reach the actual point of crossing. Still, online solutions can trim an unnecessary stop from your drive.

You will want to have all pertinent travel documents handy as you cross into and out of Mexico. It is also wise to have your vehicle documents handy in case of questions.

Full-coverage Mexican insurance from MexicanInsuranceStore includes Roadside Assistance, legal and bail bonds throughout Mexico at no additional charge.

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