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Drive or Fly To Mexico In The Fall? Pick Mexico insurance online


As tourism slows for the fall months, you may think about taking advantage of the situation by heading to Mexico. However, there are some definite differences in traveling to Mexico by air instead of by vehicle. Mexico insurance online at, for example, is not available on a Mexican-plated rental if you need to secure transportation in your foreign destination. In addition to different solutions for car insurance for Mexico, you will need to review your passport to ensure that you are prepared for flight.

Passport or passport card?

If you plan to cross the Mexican border by car, you will only need a passport card for return into the U.S. If you are flying or traveling by sea, however, you need a full passport to return home. Of course, a normal passport is sufficient for either travel approach, but the convenience of carrying a passport card with you for impromptu plans to drive into Mexico could make it helpful to have both. After all, the bulk of a passport book makes it inconvenient for carrying unnecessarily.

Will Mexico insurance online at cover a rental car inside Mexico?

Because car insurance for Mexico from is only for use on foreign-plated vehicles traveling in Mexico, it isn’t applicable to Mexican-plated cars. Your best buy is to buy insurance from the rental company. In a tourist community, you may find you are located within walking distance of the main attractions, not needing a vehicle during your stay. You can often arrange for tours to see more remote sites in such cases.

Considering driving?

The fall lull in tourism extends even to border communities and towns within a couple of hours of driving. You can get your Mexico insurance online quickly by researching, quoting and buying online. Your car insurance for Mexico can be as short-lived as one day for a quick daycation, but you may find that a long-term policy will make it easy to go more often.

Mexico insurance online also allows you to drive on the toll roads, so you can get to your destination quicker.

Mexico insurance online keeps you safe and protected!

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