Mexico Insurance for Baja and 3 Easy Baja California Summer Destinations

Mexico insurance

Baja Valle de Guadalupe – Encuentro Guadalupe

Mexico insurance For Baja – Ensenada 3 Baja California Summer Destinations

If you need an uncomplicated summer vacation, then Baja may be the place for you. This is especially true if you live within a few hours of the border because you don’t have to dread days of driving to get where you are going. As you plan, you must keep in mind that you do need passports for all individuals going. Your return home could be difficult without this important piece of identification. Additionally, travel by car requires that you carry Mexico insurance for Baja on Mexican soil. You can select a policy quickly and easily as you generate Mexican insurance by inputting a few details.

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Mexico insurance coverage

Puerto Nuevo Baja California

Puerto Nuevo

Originally a simple stop for a great meal of local lobster, Puerto Nuevo has transformed into a quaint town with accommodations, dining, and oceanfront activities. You may find that it’s not as fancy as a resort community, but it will definitely provide you with a feel for Mexican culture and simplicity. Enjoy local and national crafts as you look for mementos. This is a popular option for a quick day trip or a dinner date as well.


Although the city is often viewed as a cruise destination, it is also a great resort and camping area, offering classy accommodations or spectacular oceanfront sites for your RV. In addition, you can enjoy the tourist-oriented features such as shops and stands in the main cruise district. You’ll also enjoy the famed La Bufadora, a dynamic blow-hole that emits regular bursts of ocean mist.

Remember: Mexico insurance for Baja is required to use the toll roads! Without Mexican car insurance, your drive could take longer.

Valle de Guadalupe

Just a short 20-minute drive from Ensenada, the wine country of Baja Norte allows you to focus on a different element of Mexican culture as you taste local vintages and examine innovative architectural features. Accommodations allow for spectacular views and safety if you indulge in wine tasting during your stay.

What kind of Mexico insurance for Baja do you need?

When you get Mexican car insurance for Baja Norte, you will want to select the recommended liability limits to ensure that you are adequately covered in case of a wreck, especially a fatality. Additionally, it’s good to remember that your Mexico insurance for Baja allows you to access supplemental coverage for toll roads if you have an incident while driving on Mexican Highway 1.

Mexico insurance for Baja California from includes Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico at no additional cost.

Include Valle de Guadalupe in Your Winery Itinerary – Mexican Insurance for San Diego California Drivers

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  • Malinda Devinney
    June 10, 2015 5:31 pm

    Northern Baja is a well-known spot. It’s near the bulging surf population and has remained a great tourist destination. It will never be an overlooked journey’s end. Baja is perfect for family’s summer vacation. Travel safe by having Mexico insurance cover for your car.

  • Puerto Nuevo is a famous community known for its lobster village in Baja California. There you will find great hotels in the place with multiple restaurants—of course providing lobster specialty. For a more secured trip, don’t leave the house without Mexico insurance.

  • Whatever your interest is, captivating Ensenada will always entertain you. Nature enthusiasts are amazed when they see gray whales. Also, nightlife in Ensenada draws a big crowd for multiple activities.

  • This summer destination is safe to reach when covered by Mexican auto insurance. Tourists always want to set up camp before their actual encounter with Valle de Guadalupe. Mostly, accommodations come from boutique hotels situated also in the valley.

  • Keven Langley
    May 26, 2016 6:31 pm

    Whatever your passion is, the fascinating Ensenada will truly interest you. Nature lovers are astounded when they catch a glimpse of gray whales. Similarly, night life in Ensenada entices a huge crowd for a variety of activities.

  • Buy your Mexican insurance to experience Baja California where some people call Mexico Valle de Guadalupe as the new Napa. If you tour in its wineries, hotels & restaurants, you will see that it’s very much of its own area.

  • Jolene Stubblefield
    November 1, 2016 7:19 pm

    You can see the wide sea and all the people doing their favorite beach activities. It’s a great experience taking a vacation in Mexico. Good hotel accommodations make a huge difference.

  • Beating the summer’s heat is easy with beaches. Most people swarm in the sea to cool themselves and have fun as well.

  • Rest and recreation in Mexico has different leisure opportunities within a more pleasant environment. Once you get a membership, you’ll experience amazing life enrichment.

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