Experience the Pan-Fried Lobster of Puerto Nuevo, Mexico!

Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village

Serious foodies are always more than happy to travel in order to try out new and exceptional types of cuisine. By traveling a short distance down into Mexico, its possible to sink your teeth into some of the most delectable lobster that you will ever try. Puerto Nuevo, which is located in Baja California, is considered to be the “Lobster Capital of Baja.” This small seaside community has earned that reputation by producing some of the tastiest pan-fried lobster in the world. If youre ready to give it a try yourself, all you need to do is buy some decent Mexican car insurance reviews and hit the road. Once youre armed with Mexico liability insurance from mexicaninsurancestore.com, you can head south on the toll road that runs down from Tijuana. In less than an hour, youll find yourself in Puerto Nuevo.

Take Your Pick from Several Restaurants

You wont be lacking for options when you arrive in Puerto Nuevo. After making the journey with your Mexican auto liability insurance policy in hand, you will quickly discover that the town is overrun with topnotch restaurants. In fact, there are nearly 40 of them from which you can choose. Each one has its own unique flair; however, each one serves up langastas – pan-fried lobsters. You can set the wheels of this journey in motion by procuring quality Mexican car insurance. Once youve bought your Mexican auto liability insurance, just head south until you get to Puerto Nuevo – it’s that easy.

Partake in a Tasty Tradition

San Diegans and many others in the southern part of California routinely head down to Puerto Nuevo to enjoy its delicious lobster. Once youve experienced these unique treats, you will see why so many are willing to make the journey. The lobster in Puerto Nuevo is fried in fat; as a result, it is incredibly succulent. Traditionally, it is also served with warm flour tortillas, beans and rice. You certainly wont go hungry while youre in Puerto Nuevo, and you will love how inexpensive this tantalizing dish is.

Visit Lobster Village

Locals routinely refer to Puerto Nuevo as “Lobster Village.” More than one million lobsters are served to tasty visitors and locals each year, so its easy to see why it has earned that moniker. Several topnotch lobster restaurants are located directly on the beach; by selecting one of them, you can enjoy views of the ocean while you dig into unforgettable lobster dishes. The largest restaurant in town, Villa Ortegas, is another viable option. It seats nearly 500 people, so you never have to worry about long wait times. Whether you’re a serious lobster lover or just enjoy fine dining in general, you will adore Puerto Nuevo!

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