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Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can provide you with important preparation steps for your upcoming trip across the border. Being ready to go means having several important details in place ahead of your travel. Your Mexican automobile insurance is just one of these points, and Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance makes it possible to set that matter aside so that your travel can be free of worries and interruptions. Following are some additional details to consider.

Now that you have Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, what other travel documents do you need?

Your travel in and return from Mexico depend on some specific documents. These include:

  • Passports – you must have a valid passport or passport card to return to the United States from Mexico. Don’t cross the border without this documentation because you won’t be able to return.
  • Tourist visa – the border region of Mexico doesn’t require the issuance of a tourist visa. However, if you plan to leave the border area, you are legally required to obtain a tourist permit. This can usually be handled right after you cross the border. A slight fee is required.
  • Automobile permit – driving beyond the border zone in mainland Mexico requires that you obtain a vehicle permit. Signs are helpful in pointing the way to the office. You will fill out paperwork and leave a deposit.
  • Mexican automobile insurance – an excellent alternative to a border product, your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store enables you to comply with Mexican law as you drive. Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store enables you to find the proper liability limits for the states you will visit.


A problem during your travels can be worse if you have no way to get help. Your Mexican border insurance includes 24-hour roadside assistance, but you must be able to contact the company by phone to obtain help. Many travelers add international calling and data plans to their wireless plans for the time of their trips. This is helpful for accessing services related to your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store as you wait for help. Some customers find Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance as they prepare to cross the border, making their actual Mexican automobile insurance policy selections and purchases from their wireless devices.

Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store will protect you with FREE Roadside Assistance!

Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store

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