Mexico Insurance and Student’s Guide for Driving to Mexico

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

If your university is located within close range of the border, you might find that a day or weekend on the other side provides a nice break from the semester’s workload. However, you do need to be aware of a few important points before you travel south, especially if you plan to drive. You will need your passport as well as Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Additionally, you will need to be aware of legal issues related to your travel. Review the terms of your Mexico auto insurance first to ensure that you are ready for the road.

Age restrictions with Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Although you may have a license to drive, you need to be aware of some of the driving rules in Mexico. For example, Mexico insurance requires that all drivers operating a vehicle under the policy be at least 21 years old. An underage driver might operate a vehicle in Mexico without problems. However, an accident involving that driver could become a financial nightmare for that individual and their family. Damages can be quite costly, especially if an accident proves fatal. Without valid Mexico insurance, you could be left to figure things out in a Mexican jail cell.

Road trip advice: Mexico insurance is now mandatory if you want to drive on toll roads!

Can you legally drive a vehicle that isn’t yours?

If you are not the titled owner of your vehicle, you need to have permission to take that vehicle across the border. It is wise, in fact, to have written authorization from the vehicle’s owner on hand. This is useful in case of any serious incident involving the vehicle. It may also be wise to communicate your plans with the owner on a trip-by-trip basis to avoid any surprises. There are cases when the authorities may impound your vehicle although you may not have an accident. This happens if they connect your vehicle with another accident or other situation. In that case, the authorities will only release the vehicle to the legal owner. You should also be certain that your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store meets the standards of your lien holder if the vehicle is financed.

A border trip can be a great way to refresh your mind and get away from the stress of studies and exams. Just remember to cover your bases with Mexican auto insurance so that you can get back to your studies safely and on time.

Mexican Insurance and Mexico Citizens Crossing the Border without the Registered Owner!

Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind!

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  • Columbus Dowdy
    February 22, 2017 4:35 pm

    Parents can roam around Mexico with their car insurance. Mexico is definitely a kid-friendly country. A lot of restaurants provide kids menus and designated play areas for them.

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