Mexico car insurance for travelers  –  8 Biggest Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Mexico car insurance for travelers  –  8 Biggest Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Many motorists don’t realize that ignoring Mexico car insurance for travelers can be a big mistake. Without a proper Mexican auto insurance online policy, driving in Mexico can leave you vulnerable to legal and financial problems. It is essential to realize that assumptions can lead to serious trouble in a foreign country because you are subject to the nation’s laws while you visit. Investing in high-quality coverage is no mistake. Following are some other mistakes to avoid when you choose your coverage.

  1. Low limits– liability coverage needs to be enough to cover your obligations if you are responsible for a fatality. Dependents of Mexican decedents in an accident are entitled to the equivalent of 5,000 days’ wages, but this varies in each Mexican state. Research the limits for your travel destinations.

  2. Personal damages– to save money, many motorists choose liability-only Mexico car insurance for travelers, foregoing the higher prices of full coverage. As a result, costs aren’t significantly higher, and full coverage addresses your loss in an accident.

  3. Partial theft – travelers heading into areas known for partial theft and vandalism issues may think these are included in full coverage Mexico, car insurance for travelers. However, you must select a broadened policy to benefit from this coverage. Clarify when you buy.

  4. Term too short – while short-term coverage allows you to buy only the coverage you need. This may be a problem if your plans change while you are in Mexico. Your Mexican auto insurance online policy needs to be valid continually, and a lapse could leave you vulnerable to problems.

  5. Towing without coverage – you decide to tow a vehicle or trailer but fail to add it to your primary policy. This mistake could invalidate your Mexican auto insurance online policy, mainly if you wreck while towing.

  6. Off-road driving – your vehicle isn’t covered for off-road activity. While you may choose to venture off on a dirt road that isn’t improved, you need to realize that an accident won’t be covered and may invalidate your policy. All policies in the Mexican insurance industry exclude off-road driving.

  7. Ignoring driving laws – your Mexico car insurance for travelers doesn’t protect you from legal consequences of deliberate disobedience of speed limits or other driving directions.

  8. Buying at the border – with a paper-driven policy at the border, you can’t make online adjustments. Choosing your coverage allows you to check your Mexican auto insurance online policy coverage. Make adjustments electronically before crossing into Mexico.

Avoid This Mistake when Traveling in Mexico!

Mexico car insurance for travelers comes with FREE Legal and Roadside Assistance coverages on all policies.


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  • Stewart Satter
    May 9, 2014 4:15 pm

    You can be a subject of any illegal activity or violator if you don’t follow the basic rule of getting your vehicle insured by a verified insurance company such as Mexican insurance store. This is a serious offense which can lead to jail time in prison.

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