Mexico Car Driving Insurance – Is It Necessary?

You may wonder whether the expense of Mexico car driving insurance is worth the cost. After all, many tourists cross the border and return without incident. However, a lack of Mexico car driving insurance can put you on the wrong side of the law, especially if you are involved in a collision. Mexican border insurance¬†isn’t a suggestion but a necessity.

Mexico car driving insurance

It’s the Law

Why do you have coverage in the U.S. or Canada? Compliance with the law is the main reason for many. Protection from loss is another. You can’t finance that new car if you don’t prove and promise that it will be insured. The premise is more or less the same if you need to get car insurance. Mexican law requires that foreign motorists have coverage, and your home policy isn’t valid in Mexico. You must have Mexico car driving insurance from a legitimate company recognized by Mexican authorities. Mexican law considers a traffic accident in Mexico as a felony. However, your Mexican border insurance is your protection against serious legal and financial problems.

Who’s Going to Check My Mexican Border Insurance?

You may never have to show your documents. However, you could face an inquiry in an unexpected setting. Military checkpoints can be very dull and routine. Every now and then, however, a stern official will inquire about documents such as your tourist visa or your insurance. If authorities stop you for a traffic violation, you might need to show your driver’s license. You may also need to show your Mexican border insurance. It’s better to be prepared than to be held for lack of coverage.

What if I Forget?

It happens. Sometimes, a traveler is so eager to get going that he forgets to take his insurance paperwork. However, you can log into your account online at an Internet shop to print a fresh copy. What if you get across the border without having purchased your insurance? You can buy your insurance online from your smartphone or at an Internet shop. Your documents can be ready to print in minutes, and your coverage will be updated in a database that Mexican officials can check if you have trouble before you get copies made.

Mexico Car Driving Insurance- Is It Necessary?

Mexico driving insurance

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