Mexico Insurance with vs. Border Shacks

Whether you’ve been to Mexico many times or whether you are preparing for your first visit, your drive should be covered by appropriate Mexico insurance with Many wait until they reach the border to buy coverage, stopping at border shacks to pick up policies. However, there can be some serious drawbacks if you opt for a last-minute purchase. It’s important to research before you reach the border, checking Mexican auto insurance at Remember that Mexican authorities require Mexico insurance effective October 1, 2013 as it is now law in Mexico that all drivers have coverage.

Mexico insurance

Knowing The Inclusion in Your Policy

A quick purchase can often leave a consumer not knowing exactly what the insurance company includes in the policy. This is true of car purchases, medical services, and many other products. It is also true of Mexico insurance with The only problem is that when you make a snap decision, you may find later that you missed key details. Buyer’s remorse won’t help if you get into an accident and find that you missed some important coverage needs because you didn’t read the fine print. There are NO standardized policies in Mexico. They all have LABOR RATES, many are UNRATED and MANY allow repair ONLY in MEXICO. As you evaluate Mexican auto insurance at, you need to consider some of the following issues:

  • Liability vs. full coverage – take time to be sure that you select the type of coverage that you want. Liability-only coverage won’t address your losses if your car sustains significant damage in an accident.
  • Limits – indemnity limits vary from state to state in Mexico. Be sure that your policy has sufficient fatality protection based on the states you will visit.
  • Coverage Amount – your in-person purchase is probably not adjustable. Your insurance agency can adjust your policy if you need to increase your indemnity limits.

Ease of Renewability and Transmittal

  • Renewability – if you stay beyond the term of your border policy, you risk being uninsured. You can obtain Mexican auto insurance at from a computer or wireless device while you are still in Mexico as you purchase supplemental coverage.
  • Transmittal of information – your border insurance agency will generate your policy on paper and sent via mail to proper authorities in Mexico, leaving a lapse in time before your coverage details reach national databases. Your Mexico insurance with is transmitted immediately after your purchase is completed, ensuring that authorities can quickly verify your coverage if you have a problem or are involved in an accident during your visit.

Mexico insurance with comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexico Insurance with
Mexico Border Shack

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