You might not realize it if you approach Tijuana’s border crossing at night, but Baja is a fantastic place for stargazing. The light pollution from Tijuana leaves the sky in Tijuana a hazy gray at night, but it doesn’t take long to escape the bright lights and find wide open sky for viewing the stars clearly. Of course, night driving isn’t recommended for foreigners, and you may want to use the day to reach your stargazing destination so that you can focus on stars without distraction at night. Your Mexican Insurance Mexican insurance for Mexico will ensure that you are covered in case of car trouble or collision. You can handle your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store online before you leave home. Northern Baja requires coverage, so don’t forget to pick out your car insurance for Mexico with Mexican Insurance

Official Stargazing Site: National Astronomical Observatory

The original location of Mexico’s National Astronomical Observatory was in Mexico City, established in 1878. It has since been moved a couple of times because of light pollution issues. Its current location is in Baja Norte, a couple of hours south of Ensenada. The placement at San Pedro Martír in 1967 was a great choice as the viewing from the point is spectacular. Daytime viewing on a clear day permits the opportunity to see both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The drive up the mountain is rugged, and if you plan to camp so that you can stargaze, come prepared with plenty of supplies. Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance includes roadside assistance, but most assistance is restricted to regular roads. Your safety is important, and you should verify your policy information for your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store so that you know what restrictions may exist on off-road travel.

Seaside Stargazing

Another popular option for those who love to watch the night sky is to camp along the ocean. There are many excellent beach campgrounds throughout Baja Norte, and most will allow you to get a clear view of the stars. Consider San Quintín for some spectacular beaches. Your Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store is ideal for the trip through northern Baja. You’ll find that you can buy supplemental Mexican car insurance with Mexican Insurance Store at an Internet café if you decide to stay longer. If you expect to travel frequently, though, your Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance can be selected for up to a year at a time.

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Stargazing In Mexico

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