Mexican Insurance Policy Lessons from Bieber?

Mexican insurance policy from
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Mexican insurance policy from Lessons from Bieber?

You may find it surprising, but Justin Bieber’s driving encounter with the law is an excellent reason to remember your Mexican insurance policy from the next time you visit the country. Even celebrities can end up in trouble with the authorities when they disregard basic laws in a foreign country. While Bieber’s mugshot made the headlines of numerous newspapers and broadcasts, your own encounter with Mexican authorities can be much less likely to earn you fame if you lack Mexico auto insurance coverage. The presumption that authorities in Mexico are lenient on foreigners is a fallacy. In fact you must have

Consider the following:

  • Accidents are viewed as felonies in Mexico – your involvement in an accident could create problems even with coverage. Your Mexican insurance policy from includes legal representation to deal with such issues. Bail bond protection can help you with issues like jail time.
  • Mexican jails aren’t meant to be comfortable – harsh conditions may leave you wondering about your choices. Breaking the law by forgetting to carry Mexico auto insurance coverage can be a harsh introduction to the legal system in Mexico.
  • Napoleonic code – Mexican law presumes guilt. You don’t receive the same rights in Mexico that you would in the U.S. or Canada. Protect yourself by selecting Mexican insurance policy from so that you aren’t faced with the burden of proof without support.
  • Finances and fatalities – Mexican law provides for compensation to dependents of a decedent in an accident at a rate of approximately 5,000 times that daily wage in the state. This can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in some states, making it important to carry sufficient Mexic0 auto insurance  coverage based on your itinerary.

Mexican insurance policy from and Additional Benefits

While you may not plan to disobey the law while in Mexico, traveling over the border without coverage is contrary to the country’s law. Your coverage provides additional support aside from legal issues, making it a sensible investment for your own safety. Roadside emergencies can be frustrating, but access to support and relevant services can ensure that you get your vehicle fixed quickly. You can also benefit from travel interruption and emergency medical coverage when you select the right Mexican insurance  policy from

Mexican insurance policy from comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.


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  • Doretta Ellingsworth
    May 7, 2014 3:51 pm

    Even the biggest T.V celebs from any corner of the world need to get their vehicle insured or else there is a severe penalty, it’s important for anyone to get their auto insured to get away with hefty penalty.

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