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A quick trip across the border to visit your favorite taco stand could be costly if you don’t have the right coverage for your vehicle. If you make frequent trips, you may figure that you don’t really need to bother with buying Mexican insurance online. However, some states in Mexico make a policy mandatory for both nationals and tourists. There’s no need to face trouble with the law when you can select affordable Mexico car insurance for tourists.

Baja Insurance Requirements

One of the easiest points of access is Baja. Whether you cross from Calexico into Mexicali or whether you choose to explore Tijuana by way of the San Diego crossing, your entrance into Baja Norte requires that you have valid Mexico car insurance for tourists with appropriate indemnity limits. Ignoring your need for coverage can lead to problems right at the border. Additionally, border traffic can be some of the most challenging driving you will do while in the country. Don’t start your time over the border off with problems when you can easily make an online purchase of insurance.

Mexican insurance online

Won’t the Cheapest Policy Work?

When you research your insurance options, you may find that by tweaking the indemnity limits with the quote tool, you can keep your policy costs down. While this might make some economic sense for a quick crossing, you need to realize that indemnity limits for fatalities vary from state to state. Recent changes in Mexican labor laws have led to higher obligations in the event of a third party death. Nobody plans to be involved in a fatality while traveling. Whether your visit is short or long, however, the potential is there for an incident. Make sure that you evaluate appropriate limits when you get your quote for Mexico car insurance for tourists.

Long-Term or One-Day?

While a one-day insurance policy is the cheapest way to handle a quick trek into Mexico, you may want to weigh the options for longer policies as you think about traveling with increased frequency. There aren’t huge differences between six-month and one-year coverage, and you can travel on a whim without concern over your coverage levels when you opt for longer policy periods with your Mexican insurance online. You can check out the quote tool to get a better idea of the costs and benefits of long-term coverage.

Do you buy Mexican Insurance Online at Mexican Insurance Store by phone or over the internet?

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