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Señor Mex says: Mexican dishes can vary from one house to the next in Mexico or at home. It’s helpful to remember this so that you don’t get frustrated during your trip. If you love an ingredient in the posole served in one town and find it lacking in your order in another town, you are simply experiencing a reality of Mexican cuisine – variations make Mexican food exciting.

The fun of enjoying regional variations on a dish is the ability to experience new twists on an old favorite. Whatever you do, make sure that your driving in Baja is covered with Mexican insurance from so that you don’t need to worry about the quality of coverage or fulfillment of claims if you are involved in a driving incident. Your travels should be enjoyable, and your coverage provides peace of mind so that you can focus on interests like the food.

This article highlights a recipe used in Tulsa, featuring ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, and cayenne. Head into rural Baja, and you’ll find that the tomatoes and garlic are probably omitted. This article also suggests toppings like avocado, cheese, and shredded lettuce with vinegar to complement the stew. These are less likely to be used in rural Baja.

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TulsaWorld article:

I usually crave something a little spicy after Thanksgiving, but this year my cravings for Thai and Mexican food began on the Tuesday before turkey day.


Mexican insurance from
Posole Variations


Watching Regional News for a Mexican Community as You Travel – Insurance For Mexico

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  • Drusilla Jetton
    June 5, 2014 7:24 pm

    Mexican dishes don’t always have to be spicy, you can conveniently make a stop at Splendid beaches and have a taste of their seafood specialties, be sure to buy Mexican insurance.

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