Mexican Insurance from; No Coverage

Mexican Insurance from; No Coverage

It’s easy to dismiss the need to buy Mexican insurance from as you plan your trip to Mexico. However, you wouldn’t forego your coverage on this side of the border. Similarly, you shouldn’t ignore the legalities and financial implications of neglecting to have Mexico car insurance with There are challenges that you could face on both sides of the border in the event of an accident. Remember effective 10-1-13, you must have Mexican Insurance from to drive on any Mexico highway.

Mexican insurance from and Observing Legal Requirements

While an uninsured accident at home might not land you in jail, it could result in legal problems related to your driver’s license. In Mexico, coverage is required of foreign motorists. Some states require coverage of all motorists, but as a foreigner, you are definitely obligated to have Mexican insurance from An accident without Mexico car insurance with could land you in a Mexican jail, an uncomfortable and alarming experience for most foreigners.

The legal issues extend farther if your vehicle is still being paid for. An accident in Mexico without proper Mexican insurance from could lead to property losses that place you in serious trouble with your lien holder. You need to have permission to take such a vehicle out of the country. In many cases, you also need to select  Mexico car insurance with that meets the standards of the loan company.

It’s helpful to know that your Mexican insurance from helps with Mexican legal issues. Each policy includes legal representation and bail bond assistance, ensuring that you aren’t left to fend for yourself in the Napoleonic system. The Mexican legal model is based on Napoleonic code, and your guilt is presumed at first in an incident. An accident is considered a felony, and all parties may be detained until fault is determined. In the case of your  Mexico car insurance with, you have access to bilingual assistance so that you aren’t left confused and unrepresented.

Financial Implications and Mexico car insurance with

Your minimum financial obligations in an accident are covered through liability limits on your Mexican insurance from If you are concerned about the potential for damage to your vehicle, you need to consider the importance of full coverage as you quote, buy and print your policy.

Mexican Insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican Insurance from

Mexico Highways

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  • Jerrica Cocklin
    May 23, 2014 4:06 pm

    When you reach to the stage of crossing Mexican border it is essential to have Mexican insurance, without proper coverage you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.

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