Mexican Insurance for Tucson Drivers Going to Rocky Point

Looking for a great getaway for a few days? Many Arizona residents appreciate the fun and sun of Rocky Point, just an hour from the border. With your Mexican insurance for Tucson drivers, you only need to spend a few hours on the road to reach the destination. While it may only be an hour of driving time in Mexico, lacking the right Mexico auto insurance for Tucson drivers travelers can put you in jeopardy of legal and financial problems if you are involved in an accident. Although some U.S. policies include coverage for foreign travel, the Mexican authorities only recognize valid insurance for Tucson drivers travelers.

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Head to Rocky Point

Following I-10 west 33.4 miles, at which point you will use exit 112 in order to travel south on AZ-85. Another 80 miles will have you in reach of the border in Lukeville. After crossing the border, you will only have another 63 miles of travel to reach the seaside town of Rocky Point. While some residents choose to purchase insurance at the border, you can plan ahead by purchasing your Mexico auto insurance for Tucson drivers online. You have more time to explore your options and compare the features from different insurers when you use a quote tool on a reputable vendor’s site.

Things to do in Rocky Point

You may want to do some exploring as you spend your time in the area, also known as Puerto Peñasco. There are many beautiful resorts in the area, providing many relaxing amenities. You can also look for local activities that range from kayaking to sport fishing. Getting to know the area will allow you to find your favorite spots and activities. You need to be sure that your insurance policy remains active for your entire visit. A common issue for those with flexible schedules is staying extra and not realizing that their insurance has expired. Internet cafés are easy to find, however, allowing you to purchase additional Mexico auto insurance for Tucson drivers.

The four-hour drive from Scottsdale Arizona to Rocky Point makes return trips a viable prospect. Whether you want to spend a week at a time or just visit on weekends here and there, a long-term policy makes it easy to go at your leisure.

Mexican insurance for Tucson drivers is required to drive to Rocky Point!

Mexican insurance for Tucson Arizona drivers
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Mexican auto insurance for Tucson drivers
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