Mexican Insurance for San Diego Drivers in 3 Easy Steps

Is traffic in Southern California getting on your nerves? Pick up Mexican insurance for San Diego so that you can get away from the busy city settings and enjoy a relaxing time without frustrating crowds. Your Mexican auto insurance can be purchased right away so that you won’t need to stop before crossing the border. You can even extend your Mexican car insurance for San Diego while you are in Mexico if you need a little extra time away.

Relaxation is only a few hours away

You may want to travel a bit beyond the border zone to find that place that allows you to enjoy a little bit of me-time. Tijuana is very active, making it more of a spot for the person who wants more interaction. Ensenada’s pace is slower, but you’ll still find that the tourist destination is active with people visiting sites like La Bufadora. For some truly beautiful beaches without a lot of crowding, try the San Quintín Valley. You’ll find that there are lots of great seaside spots to pull out your beach chair and relax. You may even get a chance to see a mother whale guiding her baby north at the end of the migratory season. Seashells are abundant, and the sound is simply soothing.

Mexican insurance for San Diego is required!

You will find many options in accommodations. If you travel with an RV, you may even want to stay right on the beach. Look for spots like El Pabellon for campgrounds and services. I like the huge white sandy beach North of Puerto Salina – Baja California about 20-25 miles South of  TJ. An ultra-light flying school trains at the top of the hill.  There are overnight spots for RV’s and the view is killer. You will need to remember Mexican auto insurance for San Diego before you leave. If you tow a car or trailer, you will need to add it to your main Mexican car insurance for San Diego. Remember that a towed car also needs a separate Mexican insurance policy. Traveling with your accommodations via RV or trailer is a wonderful way to keep your vacation simple and fun.

Internet cafes are available for those who decide to extend their Mexican auto insurance for San Diego so that they can stay longer. You can also use your wireless phone or tablet at a hotspot to access your Mexican insurance for San Diego while you are in Mexico.

Mexican Insurance for San Diego Drivers  in  3  Easy Steps

1.) Click Mexican insurance to save time, money, and frustration with multiple “A+” Rated carriers.

2.) Chose the program that suits your needs.

3.) Print your authentic policy.

Buy Mexican Auto Insurance for San Diego Drivers Before Heading South of the Border


Mexican insurance for San Diego drivers


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  • Kraig Sedor
    May 14, 2014 3:51 pm

    One of the best holiday planning starts with getting your vehicle insured from Mexican insurance store so that border officials does not waste much of your time authenticating your vehicle.

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