Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point Tourist Corridor

Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point
Rocky Point Mexico

Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point Tourist Corridor

As you plan for your Rocky Point trip, you may wonder about issues such as importing your vehicle and obtaining travel visas. It is helpful to note that Rocky Point is considered to be within a tourist corridor, meaning that certain travel accommodations exist to facilitate easy travel for those who will benefit the economy of the area by visiting. You do need to comply with Mexican law by buying Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point. You can take care of this need from your own home as you get your Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point online. Your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point tourists must be in place throughout your time in the country.

When Is a Tourist Visa Needed?

If you will be in Mexico for more than 72 hours, you need to stop to get a tourist permit after crossing the border. An office is typically located just past the border, and the cost is typically in the range of $20 U.S. Your tourist permit is good for six months, meaning that if you plan to return over the next few months, you can use your same permit. If you will be in the tourist zone for less than 72 hours, you can skip the tourist permit. However, you still need Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point as you travel in the tourist zone. Although some domestic policies offer limited coverage in tourist areas, this is typically restricted to small areas very close to the border. Additionally, officials do not view a domestic policy as equivalent to Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point.

What Other Travel Documents Are Required?

In addition to complying with the law by carrying Mexican Insurance for Rocky Point, you must have your passport or passport card. You may not have to show passports or Mexican auto insurance for Rocky Point tourists as you enter the country, but border personnel will be checking passports as you leave Mexico to re-enter the U.S. In general, you will probably never need to show proof of Mexican insurance for Rocky Point while you travel in the country. However, your Mexican car insurance for Rocky Point serves as your proof of being able to pay for damages if you are responsible for a car accident.

Mexican Insurance for the Rocky from comes with roadside assistance throughout Mexico

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  • Ginger Epley
    March 24, 2015 5:36 pm

    Mexican insurance makes every driving closer to your security. Drivers shouldn’t take it for granted, especially those who come outside Mexico. Their law is strict in Mexico.

  • Giovanna Leth
    March 26, 2015 12:37 am

    I think I need to know further about Mexico insurance for Rocky Point Corridor. How much does it cost and how can it benefit me most?

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