Mexican Insurance for Long Beach, California Residents Going to Mexico

How to Get from Long Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico

Mexican Insurance for Long Beach, California Residents Going to Mexico

While you may have easy access to the beach in Long Beach, California, you may find that a change of scenery is refreshing. Ensenada features beautiful ocean views and sunset photo spots along with a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to escape the rapid pace of the Southern California settings. Before you drive off into the sunset, you will want to secure appropriate Mexican insurance for Long Beach, California. You can select your Mexican auto insurance for Long Beach online so that you don’t have to wonder about terms or bother with border stops.

How to Get from Long Beach, California, to Ensenada, Mexico

The drive to Ensenada takes about four hours and approximately 190 miles. The last one-third of the half-day trip is in Mexico. Prior to crossing the border into Tijuana, you will drive approximately 112 miles on I-5 heading south. The exact distance will vary slightly based on your starting point and the traffic conditions when you travel. While many stop in San Ysidro to buy Mexican insurance for Long Beach, California, residents, you can skip this process if you’ve selected Mexican auto insurance for Long Beach online.

At the border crossing, you will wait for a green light to signal that it is acceptable to continue on. You will merge onto Mexican Highway 1, also known as the Carretera Federal 1. You may see signs indicating cuota, a toll. There are typically toll booths open at both the entrance and exit, and you may expect to pay a few dollars as you stop at these stations. The drive between Tijuana and Ensenada typically takes about one hour as you travel nearly 70 miles. However, occasional road closures could result in some additional distance and time if you need to use the old Ensenada Highway.

Things to Do in Ensenada

You can have a relaxed stay in Ensenada, or you can opt to experience the tourist areas and other attractions. The city is active throughout the year. You may want to visit La Bufadora, a huge blow hole on the coast. You might want to schedule a charter for fishing or whale-watching. There are also wineries nearby that will allow you to enjoy local flavors in both food and drink. Keep your Mexican insurance for Long Beach, California residents active throughout your stay.

Mexican insurance for Long Beach comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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  • I’m a Canadian and my car insurance is not valid in Mexico. It’s good because there are options for cheap Mexico Insurance. I can buy that insurance through online. Now I can go without any worries in my mind.

  • Charlette Mabry
    January 28, 2015 4:10 pm

    I was surprised about the natural beauty of Mexico like the beach, ocean and the sunset. Mexico is the perfect place to visit and the views are superb. Later this year, I will be driving to Mexico again. I don’t have to worry about anything. I have my Mexico insurance with me.

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